The “lonely” princess of Japan’s royal family celebrates adulthood: The Emperor’s only child, but has to borrow a crown, the reason for great controversy

On November 16, the Imperial Household Agency of Japan announced the organization of the coming-of-age ceremony for Princess Aiko, the only child of Emperor Naruhito. The Princess’ 20th birthday falls on a Wednesday (December 1), which is a weekday so to avoid affecting her studies at Gakushuin University (Tokyo) the coming-of-age ceremony will be postponed to Sunday (December 5).

Accordingly, on December 5, Princess Aiko will perform the ritual of praying and making sacrifices to ancestors at the royal sanctuary. She will also be awarded the Order of the Crown (Hokansho) by her father – Emperor Naruhito – at the imperial palace. In addition, Aiko will also wear vestments and crowns to celebrate with her grandparents – Emperor Akihito and his wife as well as her parents.

As soon as all the rites and formalities are completed, Princess Aiko will begin to have the same responsibilities and duties as the other adult members of the royal family.


Princess Aiko turns 20 years old on December 1st

However, the most controversial information was the announcement that the Imperial Household Agency would not make a new crown for the Princess, but borrowed the crown from Sayako Kuroda – Aiko’s biological aunt. Former Princess Sayako is the only daughter of Emperor Akihito, and also the younger sister of Emperor Naruhito.

The reason given is because the Royal Family wants to save the budget, avoid affecting the economy and people’s lives, especially in the context of the raging pandemic. Even so, the fact that the emperor’s only daughter had to borrow a crown while the other princesses all had custom crowns made the public feel disadvantaged on behalf of Aiko. Even many people think that this is unreasonable and unfair for Princess Aiko.

Going back in time a little, Former Princess Mako (who had just married a commoner Kei Komuro and moved to the US) was given a very luxurious tiara, specially designed by the jewelry house Wako during the ceremony. its own city. It is known that its price is more than 28 million yen (more than 5 billion). Mako’s younger sister, Princess Kako, also has her own tiara that costs more than 27 million yen. It’s not just Mako and Kako, all princesses so far are given the prestigious crown on coming of age as a tradition, so it’s not uncommon for the Emperor’s only daughter to borrow a crown to wear. make a lot of people unhappy.

Princess Mako wears a 28 million yen crown in her coming of age ceremony

It is known that Princess Aiko is currently studying Japanese Literature at Gakushuin University. As the only child of Emperor Naruhito, Princess Aiko was unable to inherit the throne because the Imperial Law of 1947 stipulates that only men can inherit the throne.

Source: Yahoo Japan

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