The male singer is considered the educational standard of Korean entertainment: Excellent graduation from 2 top universities, fluent in 3 languages

Until now, many people still believe that star artists often neglect their studies to focus on the artistic path more. However, this view is completely wrong because there are many artists who not only act and sing, receive the support of fans, but also make many people admire because of their high IQ and academic achievements. good. One of them is none other than South Korean singer Eric Nam.

Recently, on social networks, people have shared LinkedIn of the American singer/songwriter, American MC – Korean Eric Nam, just looking at it makes netizens “roll their eyes” at the “terrible” academic achievement. of the guy.

The male singer is considered the academic standard of Korean showbiz: Excellently graduated from 2 top universities, fluent in 3 languages ​​- Photo 1.
The male singer is considered the academic standard of Korean showbiz: Excellently graduated from 2 top universities, fluent in 3 languages ​​- Photo 2.

If there is not enough pressure or lack of motivation in studying and working, please check out Eric Nam’s LinkedIn

It is known that Eric Nam (SN 1988) was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He graduated with distinction from Boston University in 2011 with a major in International Studies and a major in Asian Studies, with a year of exchange at Peking University – a leading university in China. Eric Nam can speak fluently 3 languages: English, Korean and Spanish.

Not only possessing a handsome appearance, Eric Nam also has an academic record that makes many people admire

After graduating, Eric Nam used to hold the position of business analyst at Deloitte Consulting – the world’s largest professional services network. However, not long after that, he decided to try his hand at competing at the competition Birth Of Great Star 2 and since then, the singing career of this multi-talented singer began.

Throughout his career, Eric Nam has achieved many impressive achievements and awards. Some outstanding achievements can be mentioned such as the title of “Man of the Year 2016” honored by GQ Korea, being in the top “30 Under 30 Asia” of Forbes in 2017 and “Emerging Artists” on the trend. YouTube Music’s global.

Some pictures of Eric Nam’s daily life

Eric Nam’s impressive achievement profile on LinkedIn:


– Bachelor of Arts, International & East Asian Studies – Boston University (2007 – 2011)

– Peking University (2009 – 2010)


English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish


– Summer Analyst Intern – RBC Capital Markets (2008)

– Student Ambassador for JetBlue and T-Mobile – Mr. Youth (2008 – 2009)

– Business Development and Support Intern – Sparkseed (2009)

– Brand Ambassador – TokBox (2009)

– Part-time Customer Support Officer – Monitor Group (2009)

– Internship – The Economist News Edition (2010)

– Intern (Summer Scholar Business Analyst) – Deloitte Consulting (2010)

– Founder and CEO – Kollaboration Boston (2010 – 2011)

– Member – IDEX Fellowship, Social Enterprise (2011)

– Artist (2011 – Present)

– Co-Founder and Creative Director – DIVE Studios (2020 – Now)

– Co-Founder and Creative Director – Mindset by DIVE Studios (2021 – Now)

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