The market is gloomy, Yamaha and Honda renew motorcycle products in Vietnam

The market is gloomy, Yamaha and Honda renew motorcycle products in Vietnam - Photo 1.

The motorcycle market is bleak, dealers and automakers continuously reduce prices, launching new products to “save” the market – Photo: C. TRUNG

Yamaha Motor Vietnam held an online car launch event on the evening of September 5, introducing to customers the new Sirius FI 2021, and special versions of the Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA.

The Exciter 155 manual clutch has changed its appearance by changing the design of the stamp set for 6 versions to create something new for customers, in an effort to compete with rival Honda Winner.

The technical parameters as well as the car engine remain unchanged compared to before. This model still uses a 155cc engine with integrated VVA variable valve, producing 17.7 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and maximum torque of 14.4 Nm at 8,000 rpm, 6-speed gearbox with clutch support and anti-slip when cornering.

Yamaha slightly increased the price with 51.49 million for the regular version and 51.99 million for the special edition, 1-4.5 million dong higher than the old version.

Meanwhile, the refreshed Sirius Fi model is quite comprehensive, sold in 3 versions, with prices ranging from 20.8 to 23.6 million VND.

Instead of importing as before, Honda Vietnam recently surprised when launching a large distribution scooter model SH350i assembled in the country, priced at 145-147 million.

Compared to private imported cars of the same type being sold on the market, the price of genuine cars is about half cheaper.

According to a motorbike dealer in Ho Chi Minh City, usually the beginning of the new school year is an exciting, “bumper” time for the motorcycle market, due to the purchasing power of students who are students.

However, the epidemic is still complicated, in addition to the efforts of agents to reduce prices and promotional packages, the car company is promoting product renewal to hold on and prepare for the end of the year with the expectation that translation will be pushed back.

Car manufacturers still persist in discounts and incentives Car manufacturers still persist in discounts and incentives

TTO – Following the price reduction that has existed since the beginning of next year in many segments, many old and new car models, car manufacturers in Vietnam are still persisting in discounts or incentives.


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