The mistake of being single is… gathering a group of ‘bad’s together!

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“The three of us have been playing for a few years/ So why are all of them empty/ The mistake of being single for a long time/ Is gathering the whole group together”.

Sentence by word in MV Friendship Of Ten Thousand Lovers (Juky San – Hoang Dung – Hua Kim Tuyen) is hot on MXH like “rubbing salt” in the hearts of close friends all singles. But you have to be in the blanket to know that the blanket has lice, there must be a “single body” group to know if it’s wrong or not! Because in addition to not having a lover, having a group of single friends is also incredibly fun!

Let’s eat and dance together without having to “report” anyone

One of the “perks” of single people is the freedom to go anywhere – do whatever – play with anyone without being controlled. And when there is a group of single friends, just one kid dares to invite them and the whole group will dare to go anywhere, no one has to worry about the same schedule of going out with their lover. Actually, why do you have a lover to worry about?

But I have to say it again and again, because they stick together like sam all the time, so they are even more lonely. But close friends are not strict, having a boyfriend is okay as long as you don’t let the friendship fade. And the few people who have a boyfriend and leave you are a friendship of thousands of people… hate it!

What's wrong with being single is... gathering a whole bunch of people together!  - Photo 1.

Peaceful life, not listening to toxic love stories in the middle of the night

No matter how close friends are, no one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night listening to toxic love stories or exposed to negative energy from your arguments. At that time, you very eloquently said, “We broke up”, but the next day, you see those two dating hand in hand.

On the contrary, if the whole group of friends is all single, this situation will rarely happen. Instead, there are a few bullshit stories about how handsome he is today, where to go out tomorrow, what to eat,… Life is simple, too light-headed.

Every parent shakes their head in concern

The association of single friends also has a great effect of being a “cannon fodder” when being urged to fall in love by parents, relatives, etc. Whenever someone cleverly mentions the story of getting married, the whole family of friends comes out as eloquent proof that not everyone of my age has settled down.

Tired of hearing the urge, sometimes single friends also face concerned shakes from parents like: “If you stick together like that, then fall in love and then get married”“Don’t want to separate and fall in love”,… Married or not, I don’t know, but I guarantee that everyone at least once imagined being single for the rest of their lives, so they will stay together like the MV of Friendship Van Men Me: “But later when you get old / We share the same roof / Singing in the morning and drinking tea / La la la la”. Just listening to it makes me feel good!

What's wrong with being single is... gathering a whole bunch of people together!  - Photo 2.

After all, playing with friends is still more fun

Having one or more friends not only share the joy with us, but also share the sadness in life. There is no need to say much or make promises and fantasies, simply they always appear at the right time when we need them, that is enough.

That’s why perhaps everyone in the group of single friends has also tried to fall in love. But as Juky San sings in Friendship Of Ten Thousand Lovers: “Love is like a worm that gives me a headache / That’s why I have a friendship of thousands of people”After a few relationships, the whole group finds love to be stressful, playing with friends is still more fun.

But whether you have a group of single friends or not, there is a great challenge online for everyone, which is Show off. Just post a picture of when you first started playing – now on your profile with the hashtag #tinhbanvannguoime #cangchuyencangthan is to be. Don’t forget that friendship here does not stop at friends but can also be colleagues, life partners, lovers, relatives,… even pets. What are you waiting for without showing off your Loved Ones Friendship to the whole world!

Thousand Peoples Friendship – a campaign launched with content routes and interactive series of activities on multiple platforms, will “show off” moments with you; Share your heart, review old memories or tell a lot about the friendship you have.

Because friendship is beautiful and I really appreciate the friends around me, the relationships I have, join the Friendship Thousand Peoples and don’t forget the hashtag #tinhbanvannguoime so we can find each other, friends!

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