The model spoke out about being forced to kiss by Tang Chi Vy

October 4, page HK01 Recently reported that Hong Kong entertainment tycoon Tsang Chi Vy forcibly kissed model Lebara attracted attention with many mixed opinions. Lebara said she posted the video for fun, but she did not anticipate the controversy that would arise. The 1.8-meter-tall female model also affirmed that she did not object to what Tang Chi Vy did.

“A small birthday wish turned into a storm. What I wish for this year’s birthday is a peaceful world, but letting this happen makes me doubt myself. But noisy Despite the noise, I am still confident and stay away from the controversy out there,” Lebara shared.

Previously, Tsang Chi Vy said he attended another party, but was invited to Lebara’s birthday party by a friend. The actor did not know her, so he did not spend money to celebrate the 26-year-old model’s birthday.

Lebara did not feel uncomfortable when the tycoon over 43 years old forced a kiss. Photo: Instagram

The TVB boss also explained that the kiss for her was just a normal courtesy. However, many people believe that with the age gap of Tang Chi Vy and Lebara, the 69-year-old male star’s actions are considered sloppy and indecent.

In addition, the fact that Lebara posted a lip kiss video with Tang Chi Vy on social networks was also controversial. Many people believe that the anonymous female model is trying to rely on the name of Tang Chi Vy to attract attention.

Tang Chi Vy was called a “playful old man” and a “blue-bearded lover” due to his scandalous past. Photo: HK01

Theo HK01, Lebara is a Malaysian-born model who often attends parties of the Hong Kong elite. She is 1.8 m tall, sexy body, fiery style. In addition to Tang Chi Vy, Lebara also knows many other middle-aged stars such as Tran Bach Tuong, Trinh Dan Thuy. She is said to be the adopted daughter of businessman Du Cam Co.

HK01 commented: “Lebara’s modeling career is quite normal, but she knows many stars in the entertainment world. Regularly attends parties of the rich. The beauty often shows off her luxurious life and body. hot on personal page”.

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