The moment the former Japanese princess behaves “weirdly” with her newlywed husband causes people to vehemently argue and doubt their current relationship.

According to Japanese media, on November 6, the Crown Prince of Japan and former Princess Mako and his wife were present at the mansion in Shinjuku (Tokyo) to attend the funeral of Professor Tatsuhiko Kawashima, the princess’ father. Kiko, also the grandfather of the former Princess Mako.

At 3:15 pm, Mako and Kei Komuro moved by taxi to the house of the deceased grandfather. After that, a black convoy carrying the Crown Prince of Japan and his two children, Princess Kiko and Prince Hisahito, also parked in front of the funeral site.

The moment the former Japanese princess behaved

The family of the Crown Prince of Japan quietly appeared at the funeral

The moment the former Japanese princess behaved

Mako and his wife showed up early at their grandfather’s house to see him off to his final resting place

Tatsuhiko Kawashima’s funeral was held very privately with the participation of family members. It is known that this is the will of the deceased. Before the passing of the respected professor, the whole family and children are deeply saddened and mourned.

It can be seen that, after the turbulent wedding, the former Princess Mako appeared at his funeral in a sad, broken form after continuously experiencing great emotional shocks. At 8 pm the same day, after the parents and two children had left first, the former princess Mako and her husband returned outside. Although very tired, she still did not forget to bow to the crowd and the press gathered on both sides of the road. Kei Komuro kept a calmer expression.

The moment when the former Japanese princess behaved
The moment the former Japanese princess behaves

Princess Mako seems to have cried a lot at his funeral

The moment the former Japanese princess behaves

Mako and his wife stayed late at the funeral

In particular, a video recording images of members of the Japanese royal family at the funeral on November 6 has also been widely posted. In it, a moment has attracted the attention of the public, causing confusion when the way the princess behaves with her commoner husband – if only at a glance – is quite unusual.

Specifically, when being escorted down to the funeral site, Kei Komuro was seen bowing to everyone. Meanwhile, Mako seems to be walking very quickly forward without noticing her husband behind. He stroked his hair and quietly walked inside behind his wife alone.

Mako turned and quickly walked inside to let her husband follow.

Mako’s actions at that time made many people feel that she behaved a bit “cold” with her newlywed husband. Instead of walking together intimately, she rushed forward alone, not caring about her husband. Before that, many opinions also expressed doubts when Mako went home to visit her parents alone a week after the wedding without Kei.

However, many comments also defended the former Princess, saying that this moment cannot prove anything about the state of the relationship between the two. Maybe because she was afraid of being filmed or filmed, Mako walked quickly without waiting for Kei.

Because she is no longer a member of the royal family, it is not known whether Mako mourns her grandfather or not, but it is likely that she also mourns for 30 days like the two sisters. The media also predicted that the departure of the grandfather could change the former princess’s plan to fly to America. She could stay longer in Japan to mourn him and be with her mother during this grieving period.

Source: Yahoo JP

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