The motorbike makes a strange sound, the man is startled to see a ‘stranger’ rush up, a development that makes netizens ‘have eyes’

On September 7, the Twitter account of an employee of the Indian forestry department named Susanta Nanda shared a video of a professional but equally heart-pounding cobra.

Cobra got into a motorbike to stay and was caught

India Today news reported that the video was filmed in a residential area in Telangana state, India, from 2020 but recently spread rapidly on social networks and attracted the attention of netizens. It is known that the owner of the car discovered that there was a strange rattling sound coming from inside, plus the car could not start, so he asked people to check it out.

The cobra jumped out from the front of the car.

Later, it was discovered that the snake’s head was sticking out of the mirror mounting part. No one dared to open it, so they had to ask for the help of a professional snake catcher. The video shows the scene of a man using a tool to open the top of the white scooter, and the cobra suddenly jumped up as if to attack, full of provocation.

After a while, the man brought a plastic jar and carefully lured the snake inside, then closed the lid.

While many people panicked at the moment the snake jumped out of the handlebars of the motorbike or were surprised with the gentle snake-catching that looked “eye-catching”, some netizens shared their thoughts. Their opinion on the method used by the man was not only dangerous but also fatal for the snake.

One netizen commented: “It’s common for ‘uninvited guests’ to appear after rains. But this is not a common way to catch snakes. Never try this.”

However, one internet user defended the snake catcher: “I know this snake catcher. He’s a senior expert at Friends of Snakes and he knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s rescued thousands of snakes. People who haven’t been dug up. create should not try this way”.

The video was posted on September 7, so far, it has attracted the attention of many netizens with more than 20,000 views and 1,300 likes.

Source: India Today

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