The Mystery of the Two-Headed Giant at the End of the Earth

In world history, there are many ancient documents and texts that mention the existence of giants on Earth. Such as the Greek giant, the Norwegian giant, the Pangu giant, the Goliath and Anak giant… In particular, the name of the two-headed giant Kap Dwa has always attracted the attention of many people. People. However, what the truth is is still an unanswered mystery…

The Legend of the Two Headed Giant

The story of Kap Dwa (literally: two heads) appears in English records of the early 20th century, as well as some accounts of encounters with this giant in the mid-17th century. and 19.

Legend has it that, Kap Dwa was a giant in Patagonia (now located in the territory of Chile and Argentina). A land that was said to have been inhabited by giants for a long time.

Patagonia is located in the Americas, belonging to the territory of two countries Chile and Argentina. This is considered the end of the Earth because this land is only 1,000km from the South Pole.

The mystery of the two-headed giant at the end of the Earth - Photo 1.

The mummy is said to be the two-headed giant Kap Dwa.

This man has 2 heads, 3.66m high, used to live in the jungles of Argentina, South America.

The legend of this giant two-headed creature began to spread in 1963, where Kap Dwa was captured by Spanish sailors and locked up on their ship. The Spaniards tortured Kap Dwa but he escaped and in the ensuing battle he was mortally wounded. The soldiers stabbed Kap Dwa with spears and hit Kap Dwa’s heart, killing him.

After that, what happened to Kap Dwa is unknown. Just know that his mummy was put on display in many different places.

The mystery of the two-headed giant at the end of the Earth - Photo 2.

In 1900, the mummy of this two-headed giant appeared at Birnbeck Pier in Weston and was on display for 45 years until the Duke of Norfolk Thomas Howard bought the land in 1959. Kap Dwa now has it. was moved back to Baltimore, Maryland, owned by a man named Robert Gerber and his wife.

However, according to Mr. Gerber, in reality, the giant Kap Dwa was found dead on a beach with a large spear through his chest. Kap Dwa was mummified by locals in Paraguay, not Patagonia, until a British captain named George Bickle arrived and brought the body home. Finally, the mummy was transported back to the Americas to the city of Baltimore.

Those are the stories and rumors about Kap Dwa. Believers and doubters. To date, many people insist that it is just a hoax fabricated to attract public attention.

Are giants real?

The Patagonian giants were a race of giants believed to live in Patagonia and described in European literature. They are twice the height of the average person (3.7-4.6m) or even more.

The first mention of these giants in historical documents is from the voyage of a Portuguese sailor named Ferdinand Magellan – the first captain to make a circumnavigation of the world.

The mystery of the two-headed giant at the end of the Earth - Photo 3.

Ferdinand claimed to have seen giants while exploring the coast of South America while he was en route to the Maluku Islands during his circumnavigation of the world in the 1520s.

Antonio Pigafetta, one of the few survivors of the expedition and a chronicler of Ferdinand’s expedition, learned in his book about the encounter with the giant natives.

The mystery of the two-headed giant at the end of the Earth - Photo 4.

Later, Seablt de Weert, a Dutch captain involved in the discovery of the South American coasts and the Falkland Islands south of Argentia in 1600, and some of his sailors claimed to have seen the members of the “tribe of giants” there.

De Weert said he saw seven strange-looking boats coming towards him, on which were giants with long hair and reddish brown skin. They have an unfriendly attitude towards the crew.

Is Kap Dwa real?

In fact, scientists have also embarked on research and learning about the giant mummy Kap Dwa.

They looked at the unusual height of the giants and said there was nothing suspicious about it. The medical world has recorded several cases of unusually tall people due to a condition known as “gigantism”. The tallest person recorded in world history is Robert Wadlow (1918-1940), with 2.47m. He continued to grow until he died suddenly at the age of 22.

The mystery of the two-headed giant at the end of the Earth - Photo 5.

Image of the giant Robert Wadlow.

If Kap Dwa is real, then he is probably dicephalic parapagus twins, sharing the same body and having 2 heads. In addition, he suffered from “giant disorder”.

The mystery of the two-headed giant at the end of the Earth - Photo 6.

Example of conjoined twins, 2 heads.

The problem is, the story of Kap Dwa is related to Phineas Taylor Barnum – a businessman, circus owner and politician living in the 19th century. This person is famous for his exhibitions. mysterious, curious creatures.

So, in the case of Kap Dwa, it is assumed that this is also one of the scams, the product of the circus owners.

Source: Mysteriesrunsolved

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