The naked back photo costs more than 12 million USD

AmericaMan Ray’s black and white photograph of a naked woman’s back fetched $12.4 million at Christie’s auction.

The Violin of Ingres, The most famous work of Man Ray, the American surrealist artist, taken in 1924, sets the record as the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction. A black and white photo of a woman’s bare back, imitating the image of a violin by drawing two stylized F’s on the model’s back.

Le Violin dIngres photograph by surrealist artist Man Ray.  Photo: CNN

Picture The Violin of Ingres by surrealist artist Man Ray. Image: CNN

Within 10 minutes at Christie’s auction in New York last weekend, buyers repeatedly outbid and eventually sold for $12.4 million. Before the auction, the photo is expected to fetch 5-7 million USD.

Ray was born Emmanuel Radnitzky, born in 1890, died in 1976, was a main member of the Dada movement and Surrealism. Picture The Violin of Ingres is in the collection of Rosalind Gersten Jacobs and Melvin Jacobs, New York retail executives and art collectors with close ties to the surrealist world.

According to auction house Christie’s, the Jacobs bought Ray’s work in 1962. Darius Himes, Christie’s head of international photography, called the photograph “one of the most iconic works of the 20th century”.

“This image is the result of a unique darkroom manual process,” Himes said. “The impact of the photograph, as well as its romantic, mysterious character has captivated people’s minds for nearly 100 years.”

The previous record for the most expensive photographic work at auction was Rhine II by the German surrealist artist Andreas Gursky. The photograph was auctioned by Christie’s in 2011, for $4.3 million.

Hong Hanh (Theo CNN)

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