The Netherlands wants to cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City to develop riverside areas

The Netherlands wants to cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City to develop riverside areas - Photo 1.

High-tech agriculture to cope with climate change is one of the outstanding cooperation between Vietnam and the Netherlands – Photo: HA QUAN

The Dutch Embassy in Vietnam said that Hanneke Schuiling, Deputy Minister in charge of economic and external relations, will visit Vietnam from April 25 to 26 to promote economic cooperation between the two governments.

During the visit, Deputy Minister Schuiling will meet Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Dang Hoang An to discuss bilateral cooperation in the field of trade, investment and the implementation of the EVFTA.

Specifically, the Netherlands supported the Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade) and the Dutch Business Association in Vietnam (DBAV) to implement the “Ready to Export” program to promote cooperation between the two countries. Vietnamese and Dutch small and medium enterprises into the global value chain.

Assessing Vietnam’s commitment to green economic transformation, the Netherlands is ready to support Vietnam in building a legal framework for offshore wind power development. The two deputy ministers also discussed the Logistics Center and Cai Mep Ha deep sea port; projects with the participation of EU and Vietnamese investors with a capital of 1 billion USD; Visa Waiver Program…

The content of the visit also mentioned research on the development of agricultural centers in the Mekong Delta and the prospect of cooperation between the Netherlands and Vietnam and the World Bank to develop centers. this.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister Hanneke Schuiling emphasized the relationship between Ho Chi Minh City and Rotterdam on climate change adaptation since 2009. The two sides cooperate to solve the challenges of urbanization and population growth in order to find smart and sustainable solutions.

On the occasion of Deputy Minister Schuiling’s visit, the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam said thatMany Dutch experts and companies have expressed their interest and desire to cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City on urban planning, development of riverside areas, urban flood control, infrastructure and vehicle development. green transportation.

Sharing about the visit to Vietnam, Deputy Minister Schuiling affirmed that Vietnam is an important partner of the Netherlands in Southeast Asia. The strong presence of Dutch businesses in Vietnam contributes to Vietnam’s economic growth and post-COVID-19 recovery.

In Vietnam, Deputy Minister Schuiling will meet with 100 Dutch and Vietnamese female entrepreneurs in a program to inspire female entrepreneurship. The Deputy Minister emphasized that the Netherlands is committed to joining hands with Vietnam to support women with equal opportunities in business and business management.

The Netherlands is the EU’s largest direct investor in Vietnam and the fifth largest foreign investor in Vietnam. Vietnam and the Netherlands will celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations in 2023.

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