The number of community COVID-19 cases in Fujian, China increased exponentially

The number of community COVID-19 cases in Fujian, China increased exponentially - Photo 1.

People are tested for COVID-19 in Quanzhou city, Fujian province, China – Photo: REUTERS

China recorded an additional 59 cases of community transmission on September 13, up from 22 infections on September 12. All 59 new cases are in Fujian province, located in southeastern China.

In just four days, Fujian recorded 102 cases of community transmission.

Follow South China Morning Post, Fujian currently has a total of 135 cases of COVID-19. In which, Putian city accounted for 85 cases, including 8 kindergarten students and 28 primary school students.

According to Reuters news agency,The current epidemic in Fujian began in Putian with 3.2 million people. The first case of Fujian infection in this outbreak was recorded on September 10. Initial test results in Putian showed that a few patients had contracted the Delta variant.

Since it was discovered, the virus quickly spread to the coastal city of Xiamen. The city announced 32 new infections on September 13, while only one case was recorded on September 12.

South China Morning Post said Xiamen has been locked down since last night September 13. The city government canceled plans to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. All teaching activities move online.

At the same time, close public places such as cinemas, gyms, pubs and ask people not to leave the city if it is not necessary.

In addition, three of the 59 new infections in Fujian belong to Quanzhou city.

Mainland China had a total of 92 new COVID-19 cases on September 13, including imported cases, up from 49 a day earlier. This country also recorded 20 new asymptomatic cases. These cases are not included in the official number of cases.

As of September 13, mainland China had 95,340 infections and 4,636 deaths.

According to Reuters news agency, the previous outbreak in China was concentrated in Jiangsu province, but ended about two weeks ago. This outbreak lasted about a month.


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