The old 4-level house in the weed-filled yard has been ‘transformed’ into the living space of a very modern couple

Recently, on a group page specializing in sharing about newly built or renovated living spaces, an article received as much attention as a group member.

The article received attention not because of the large area, luxurious and expensive furniture or the touching story of the owner. What many people are interested in and feel admiring is by the before and after pictures of the house after completion.

According to the original image before the repair, the house is located in a fairly large plot of land. Besides the main house, the house also has a garden area. However, it seems that no one has taken care of and cleaned up for a long time, so this area has a lot of weedy plants.

The gate part is also quite old, the paint is no longer smooth, and the paint and lime are blistered and peeled.

The old 4-level house in the weed-filled yard has been transformed into the living space of a very modern couple - Photo 1.

Photo of the house before the renovation. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

However, after being renovated on the same old house, the appearance of the whole space has completely changed. Instead of the basic white color that seems monotonous, the common, traditional home form is often seen as the original, the house is put on a new “shirt” with a butter green tone.

In general, it can be seen that the structure of the house is kept intact to about 70-80%, keeping the rooms and not building more floors. However, the use of different colors and the way to create accents on the floor, walls or furniture has made the space become a class.

1. Color

According to housing design and construction consultants, avocado green is one of the five most popular new green tones in recent years. It’s not too dark green like regular green but a bit deeper.

Blue color both shows the freshness and freshness of nature into the space, while bringing a youthful and modern look to the space. It is for these reasons that nowadays, young families love to use this color scheme when designing their room or home.

The old 4-level house in the weed-filled yard, transformed into the living space of a very modern couple - Photo 2.

Butter green is used by many young families in the design. (Illustration)

Butter green is also not too difficult to combine with other colors, to create a harmonious whole. It can be combined with white, black, yellow, wood color or light pink.

In the design of the house of the owner in the picture, it can be seen that butter green is used as the main color to paint the walls and the facade. In particular, the combination is mainly made up of blue and white, which is a compromise between a somewhat prominent color and a neutral color.

The blue-white combination can be seen in the facade when the door layers are interwoven with colors, when inside the house is green wall with white furniture, or in the bathroom, the same formula is also applied.

An old 4-level house in a weed-filled yard, transformed into a living space for a very modern couple - Photo 3.

The house uses avocado green as the main color to paint the walls of the house. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

The dining area is connected to the living area. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

Toilet. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

Particularly at the kitchen table or the bedroom, the owner decided to incorporate a light pink color into the wall. Light tone with kitchen cabinets, white bed still creates sophistication and beauty without being too flashy.

2. Floor material

Instead of using stone floors, the homeowner chose a neutral wooden floor. The wooden floor has a warm tone, contrasting with the fresh green of the wall, thereby creating a color contrast but still extremely harmonious and pleasant.

Kitchen area. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

According to wood flooring installers and distributors, besides neutral wood floors, there are two other popular types of wood flooring: dark wood floors and light wooden floors.

With light wood floors, this is a friendly color group, easily combined with the majority of other color details in the interior. In addition, for houses and rooms with small area, the use of light wood floors also gives a more spacious feeling, cheating the area for space.

As for dark wood floors, you can mention the black of ebony, dark brown walnut, chestnut color mixed with earth or dark gray. Using this tone floor will create a classic, noble and luxurious beauty.

However, homeowners should only use dark wood floors when the walls are light or neutral. Do not combine wall color and floor color that are both dark colors. This will have a heavy effect on the entire space.

3. Furniture

Not too focused on too expensive furniture, homeowners choose for their home space items based on color, so that it is in harmony with the color of the wall and floor built before.

Most of the furniture from the coffee table, dining table and chairs, sofa, TV shelf, shelf or decorative light are mainly white, creating uniformity.

The furniture in the house is unified in white tones, adding a yellow brown color similar to the floor color. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

Interwoven with white will be some other floating colors to create accents, but the amount is not too much. It can be red, purple or orange colors of carpets, wall paintings or sofa pillows.

The interior is uniform in white, but there are still a few other colorful accents in the small details. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

Besides the space inside the house, the space outside the yard was also renovated by the owner. That is re-paving the yard with bricks, renovating the fence and gate area. The installation of lighting systems in the rows of trees or fences helps the house stand out even though it does not have many floors.

The outside of the house is fitted with a lighting system to make it stand out even though the house does not have many high floors. (Photo Ngoc Tram – Group My Home)

According to the posted pictures, the house can be seen with 1 living room connected to the kitchen and dining area, 1 toilet, 1 double bedroom and 1 bedroom for the baby. With such a function and area, the room is suitable for young families, from 3-4 members including parents and 2 children.

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