The owner went to quarantine, 2 medical staff came to the house to brutally beat the pet dog to death with a stick, haunting CCTV made fans angry

Recently, a video posted on China’s Weibo shows a Samoyed pet dog named Snowball being beaten to death by medical staff, causing a huge wave of anger. The dog’s owner, a woman from Huizhou city, Guangdong province, personally posted a haunting clip and accused her 3-year-old dog had been beaten to death with a stick.

According to her, on March 2, after her boyfriend tested positive for Covid-19, both were required by the government to go to concentrated isolation, not allowed to bring dogs. Babe. That’s why Snowball was alone at home.

The owner went into isolation, 2 medical staff came to the house to brutally beat the pet dog to death with a stick, haunting CCTV made fans angry - Photo 1.

Snowball – the dog is the victim of the recent outrage in China

Then on March 4, medical staff came to her house to spray PPE to disinfect. In the video posted by the owner Download, two people wearing white protective gear can be seen entering the house, trying to corner the dog into a room. In their hands they hold tools like metal rods. Snowball is seen barking loudly and fearfully backing away at the threat of two employees. For unknown reasons, one of them suddenly approached with another larger stick in hand, and they began to beat the animal repeatedly and brutally.

Midway through, they went to stroke Snowball. At this point, the animal groaned in pain and cried out in fear, seeing this, the 2 paramedics continued to beat until Snowball was completely unconscious. They were eventually seen leaving the room. The brutal violence clip is being spread quickly by netizens on many social networking platforms because the images are so shocking, causing a wave of intense anger.

The scene of 2 employees brutally beating the dog to death made many people angry

The dog’s owner said: “Snowball is like family to me. Without this CCTV evidence, we might still be fooled that our pet crashed and died.” In addition, she also posted a chat log when she contacted the authorities to report the incident. This person is seen asking her back if Snowball “bites people”.

“I was informed by the quarantine department that they will only come and disinfect my house and not kill the dog. Who gave them the right to do that? I also applied and begged to bring the dog in quarantine with me but impossible”.

On March 5, the Huizhou city government issued a notice confirming the dog’s death. We have apologized to the dog’s owner and will reprimand and suspend two employees,” the notice read. Before that, in November 2021, a similar incident happened in Shangrao city, Jiangxi province. It also caused public outcry, with health agencies such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noting that cases of domestic animals infecting people with COVID-19 are very rare.

Source: Weibo, Yahoo

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