The paradox of Americans refusing to get vaccinated

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Biden will devise a strategy to coordinate both the public and private sectors to help control the Covid-19 pandemic.

When asked about the possibility of new regulations, Ms. Psaki said the White House would provide details later and acknowledged that the government cannot make the American people widely vaccinated. Mr. Biden is scheduled to meet with White House Covid-19 advisers on September 8.

The paradox of the American people refusing to get vaccinated - Photo 1.

President Joe Biden will present a six-pronged strategy on September 9. Photo: Reuters.

The US recorded about 650,000 deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic and witnessed the number of Covid-19 cases surpass the 40 million mark. Reuters data shows that more than 20,800 people have died in the US from Covid-19 in the past two weeks, an increase of about 67% from the previous two weeks.

Hospitalizations have increased in seven states, Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Tennessee and Washington.

Mr. Biden previously announced plans for a booster vaccination widely pending regulatory approval. Mr. Biden’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said on Thursday that officials plan to deploy the booster shot from September 20.

The paradox of the American people refusing to get vaccinated - Photo 2.

Hospitalizations have increased in seven US states. Photo: Reuters

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 62.3% of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 53%, or 176 million people, are fully vaccinated. According to the CDC, if you count the vaccine-eligible population 12 years and older, about 72.9% have received at least one dose and 62% are fully immunized.

Meanwhile, World Health Organization (WHO) officials said on September 7 that the Delta variant remained the “most concerning” strain despite the emergence of the Mu variant. According to WHO, the Delta variant has rapidly spread to at least 170 countries and territories since it was first detected in India last October and quickly became the dominant strain in many regions.

Meanwhile, the Mu variant, also known as B.1.621, is on the rise in some South American countries. Mu variants were listed as “concerned” by the WHO last week because they can “evade” natural immunity or vaccines.

According to the sheet Economic TimesExperts from India’s Covid-19 task force say they are seeing more and more new symptoms appear in Covid-19 patients, including hearing loss, dry mouth, headache, inflammation. conjunctiva, decreased salivation and skin rash.

Dr Samir Bhargava, head of the Department of Otolaryngology at RN Cooper Hospital, said the inflammation of the auditory nerve or blood clot caused by a viral infection affects hearing in a similar way to the sense of smell. Dr Rahul Pandit, a member of India’s Covid-19 task force, said new symptoms continued to be detected and urged scientists to closely monitor such symptoms.

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