The penis-shaped tree in Cambodia is in danger of extinction because it was picked by… women

The penis-shaped tree in Cambodia is in danger of extinction because it was picked by... women - Photo 1.

A Cambodian woman looks for a unique shape pitcher plant to “live virtual” – Photo: KHMER TIMES

According to the newspaper Khmer Times Cambodia, the Ministry of Environment of this country has just posted on social networks a photo of three women grabbing the ‘penis’ pitcher and deliberately posing in a provocative pose. In the post, the Cambodian Ministry of Environment suggested that people “leave” this rare tree.

The tree has a scientific name Nepenthes holdenii, was discovered in the Cardamom mountains, southwestern Cambodia. In essence, this is a carnivorous plant with a clever “trap” to catch certain insects.

British photographer Jeremy Holden was the first to discover them, hence his name for the tree.

Commenting on the post of the Cambodian Ministry of Environment, Mr. Holden said that the species of tree being damaged in the photo is Nepenthes bokorensis – a close relative of Nepenthes holdenii.

Penis-shaped trees in Cambodia are in danger of extinction because they are picked by... women - Photo 2.

The pitcher plants have a unique appearance in Cambodia – Photo: CAMBODIA EXPATS ONLINE

According to the newspaper Phnom Penh PostCambodia is now home to many rare and endemic pitcher plants.

Recently, the “hunts” for unique trees like Nepenthes holdenii, Nepenthes bokorensis tends to “explode” after the period of isolation because of COVID-19. Many people defied hardships, roaming the high mountains of Cambodia, looking for it Nepenthes holdenii to “live virtual”.

Many tourists uproot the species of pitchers and bring them home to plant, while many locals uproot the plants to sell.

According to the Cambodian government, Nepenthes holdenii currently classified as rare and in urgent need of protection.

Into tFrom July to 2021, senior officials of this country’s Ministry of Environment have also asked tourists not to pick the typical carnivorous pitcher plants of Cambodia. Surname warned this precious creature could face extinction if the “hunts” do not stop.

Ants act as 'bodyguards' for pitcher plants Ants act as “bodyguards” for the pitcher plant

TTO – Scientists have announced the discovery of a unique symbiosis between insects and carnivorous plants in a nutrient-poor peat swamp on the island of Borneo: the ant Camponotus schmitzi and the pitcher plant Nepenthes bicalcarata.

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