The photo shows the scary harm of charging the phone in bed

Recently, a netizen shared an image of plugging in the phone to charge and then falling asleep, emphasizing that this can affect life.

Photos shared on the CPR Kids Facebook page show a phone charger short-circuiting and burning the mattress. This accident is assessed as potentially life-threatening because the phone can be very dangerous when left next to flammable materials.

Accordingly, mattresses and bed sheets can be very flammable – while phones and chargers can heat up quickly if left unattended for long periods of time.

The photo shows the terrible harm of charging the phone in bed, endangering life - Photo 1.

Photos shared on fanpage

Accordingly, this post also shares about everyone should charge their phones properly: “Charge on a flat surface with no flammable materials around, make sure there are no foreign objects in the connector or plug, and avoid cheap accessories purchased online.

“In addition, it is important to check that the cord is in good condition at all times and to remove any wires that show signs of wear and tear.

“Damaged cords and charging in unsafe conditions can cause electric shock and fire hazard. And always keep cords out of reach of children.”

Source: The Sun

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