The plane’s engine caught fire in the sky, the passenger informed the crew 6 times

Kimberly Garcia was on that flight VB518 on August 23 (local time). The witness said she heard a loud bang about 10 minutes after the plane took off and then the passengers started panicking.

The moment the engine caught fire while the plane was flying in the sky. Video: Foxla.

Garcia told Storyful: “We had to push the alarm about six times before we got any attention from the crew, because they hadn’t informed us through the loudspeaker.

In a statement, airline Viva Aerobus said that the engine failure occurred a few minutes after the plane took off (around 10:03 p.m. local time) and that the sparking engine failure was “due to metal friction.” . The airline said the pilots were still in control of the plane at the time.

The plane was then diverted to return to Guadalajara International Airport and landed at 22:45. Passengers were then transferred to another flight the next morning.

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