The President of Turkey was cut the ribbon by a boy

President Erdogan attended the opening ceremony of the tunnel in Rize province, but a boy cut the ribbon before he could move the scissors.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on September 4 attended the opening ceremony of the highway tunnel in the northeastern province of Rize. In addition to officials and President Erdogan, the ceremony also had the appearance of children with the task of holding the ribbon for important people to cut.

However, a boy holding the inauguration ribbon of the President of Turkey quickly cut the ribbon in front of everyone. President Erdogan was clearly surprised and tapped the boy on the head as if “reprimanding”, but then he and the children around him quickly burst into laughter.

The President of Turkey was cut the ribbon by a boy

A boy quickly cuts the inauguration ribbon of Turkish President Erdogan during the opening ceremony in Rize province on September 4. Video: Twitter/Reuters.

At the end of the event, the President of Turkey also stayed to chat with the children holding the ribbon and happily high five with them. A person who appeared to be a member of the organizing committee also rushed to the stage and chatted with Mr. Erdogan about the boy’s actions.

The moment the boy “cut a picture” of the President’s inauguration ribbon and was reminded by him on the head quickly spread throughout social networks. Some social media users commented positively, saying that this was a lovely moment for both the boy and the President.

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