The President sent a letter of commendation to Mr. Dinh Van Chien for his bravery in saving people in Tam Dao

The moment the young man saved 3 people on a motorbike that lost the brakes on the pass in Tam Dao

In the letter, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed his emotion when he heard that Dinh Van Chien was quick-witted, skillful and brave to save three people from a life-threatening situation on the afternoon of May 29 on the Tam Pass road. Island, and even more impressed to know that Chien is the savior of many people on this road.

The President emphasized that Dinh Van Chien’s actions are a shining example of courage, chivalry, not afraid of dangers and difficulties to help people in need. This is one of the many good qualities of Vietnamese people of all times, worthy of praise and spreading in the community.

The President sent a letter of praise to Mr. Dinh Van Chien for his bravery in saving people in Tam Dao - Photo 2.

Chien used his hand to pull the car that was rushing on the pass – Photo cut from the video

Through this incident, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc wanted to remind road users to further raise their awareness and responsibility before, during and after moving on the road, to regularly check the safety of vehicles. vehicles, make sure to focus and pay attention when driving, obey traffic laws and know how to care and help others when needed.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc suggested the authorities continue to promote coordination and synchronous implementation of solutions to minimize the occurrence of traffic accidents, especially on mountain passes and slopes. ; strengthen guidance, propaganda to raise awareness and skills for road users so that traffic can be smooth, contributing to ensuring social order and safety, for everyone’s peaceful and happy life.

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