The Queen’s sealed letter until 2085

The letter Queen Elizabeth II wrote to residents of Sydney, Australia, from 1986, will not be opened until 2085.

Queen Elizabeth II in 1986 wrote a letter to residents in Sydney, Australia on the occasion of the restoration of the Queen Victoria Building in the city.

The building was built in 1898 and is named after Queen Victoria, the great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. This is one of Sydney’s most famous buildings, located in the heart of the city.

“On a suitable date of your choosing in 2085, please open this envelope and deliver my message to the people of Sydney,” the letter read to the mayor of Sydney.

Queen Elizabeth II last visited Australia in 2011. Photo: AFP.

Queen Elizabeth II visited Australia for the last time in 2011. Photo: AFP.

The content of the Queen’s letter has not been disclosed, but it may be to thank Sydneysiders for preserving and renovating the historic building, after it was nearly demolished for a car park.

In 1986, a Malaysian company signed a 99-year lease on the building. The lease runs until 2085, the same period the Queen’s letter is allowed to be made public. The letter is being kept in a safe at the top of the Queen Victoria Building.

Australia is a Commonwealth country and Queen Elizabeth II has been its head of state for 70 years. During her reign, she traveled to Australia 16 times, most recently in 2011.

After the Queen’s death, her son was crowned King Charles III and became head of state in Australia and New Zealand on September 11.

Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia.  Photo: Business News Australia.

Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, Australia. Image: Business News Australia.

Ngoc Anh (Theo NY Post, 7News)

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