The real benefit of items commonly found in hotel beds: Not just for decoration

Usually, when staying at hotels and resorts, the essential items in the room can be mentioned as beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, tea tables or chairs at the end of the bed, .. .

However, there are some other bed items that many people still do not know exactly what their effect is. Those are the square chairs and the cloth spread across the end of the bed.

The real benefits of items commonly found on hotel beds: Not just for decoration - Photo 1.

Not everyone knows the true use of square pillows and bed sheets in hotels. (Illustration)

On social networking sites, this issue caused a controversy with many different opinions. Most people think that the purpose of these items is purely decorative.

“To print the logo of the hotel, the resort is beautiful.”

“It’s just for decoration, there’s no use in it.”

“Pillows are sturdy for hugging and the canvas is sturdy for decoration.”

In reality, however, it is not so simple. From square pillows to bed sheets, they all have certain effects, serving the purpose of the user.

    Square pillows

Usually on a bed at hotels and resorts, there will be a total of 3-4 pillows. These include: 2 rectangular pillows and 1 or 2 square pillows. This is a deliberate arrangement, not meaningless. The added square pillows carry a meaning for the health of the person lying down.

Sleep is very important for humans, is the golden time for the body to rest and regenerate energy. The pillow is one of the most important parts that determine the quality of sleep. Besides the pillow, according to scientists, Need to put pillows under the feet to help the muscles be comfortable, to ensure the best blood circulation.

And square pillows are to perform this task, not to be used as hugging or decorative pillows as many people often mistakenly believe.

The real benefits of items commonly found on hotel beds: Not just for decoration - Photo 2.

The actual square pillows have a scientific effect, making it better for the sleeper. (Illustration)

When not lying down, we can also take advantage of square pillows to lean back when watching TV, reading books, surfing the phone.

Some other notes when using a pillow for good health is that the pillow should not be too high nor too low.

According to studies, if the pillow is too high, you are at risk of bone diseases, especially can cause cervical spondylosis, spinal dilation. If you lie on a pillow with your chin pressed down below your neck, you are using the pillow too high.

On the other hand, if the pillow is too low and the pillow is deeply placed on your back, your head will be thrown backwards. At that time, you are at risk of scoliosis and reflux of fluids during breathing.

The real benefits of items commonly found in hotel beds: Not just for decoration - Photo 3.

Correct sleeping position when choosing and using the right pillows. (Photo

Therefore, from the pillow or the square pillow, you should use them properly, for the right purpose to bring the best sleep.

    Sheets, bedspreads

Another item is also often found in hotel and resort rooms. It was a sheet, a bedspread.

The real effect of this item is prevent dust or dirt from sticking to blankets and sheets. The dirt can be mentioned as food or shoe stains. Many people have the habit of using food and drink in bed or lying down, putting shoes on the bed.

These actions easily lead to spillage or spillage of food, soiling of bed sheets, especially pure white ones.

The real benefits of items commonly found on hotel beds: Not just for decoration - Photo 4.

Sheets and sheets across the bed have the effect of preventing dirt during use from sticking directly to the bed sheet. (Illustration)

Therefore, in every snack, tea or even breakfast in bed, you should use this towel to avoid food and drink that can stain the bed sheet.

Other dust particles are dust in the air, dust from backpacks, suitcases or bags when guests place them directly on the bed. The sheet will act as an insulator, a layer that partially prevents bacteria and dirt from such furniture on the bed sheet. Thanks to it, cleaning the pillowcase also becomes easier.

Usually, the square pillow and the bed sheet will have the same color. This combination helps to increase the beauty and aesthetics of the whole room space.

The real benefits of items commonly found on hotel beds: Not just for decoration - Photo 5.

Square pillows and bedspreads often have the same color, designed to increase the aesthetics of the space. (Illustration)

Now you understand the effect of square pillows or sheets commonly found on hotel beds. So, be careful to use them properly.

Not only in hotels, you can also apply methods of putting pillows under your feet when you sleep or equip dust-proof sheets on your bed at home. Because they are all extremely simple, easy and bring good benefits to human life.

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