The reason why MC Tran Thanh had to announce marriage information with Hari Won after 6 years of marriage

On the evening of July 25, MC Tran Thanh expressed his frustration when he had just posted a new photo of losing weight with a status line rumored to break up with Hari Won. He shared: “Lately, I’ve heard a lot of malicious rumors about my husband and I. I was going to be quiet, but I talked so much that I said it here once. To review see:

– When I first met you, I said I was the third person.

– Once you get used to it, say Mrs. Heo (Hari Won) is new and old.

– Weddings cover the eyes of the world.

– I went to film for a whole month, at first I turned off my face and didn’t take pictures with my wife to post it, then I said the marriage contract was over.“.

The reason why MC Tran Thanh had to announce his marriage to Hari Won after 6 years of marriage - Photo 2.

MC Tran Thanh is too angry with the rumors to “come out” in the marriage.

MC Tran Thanh affirmed that the couple is still happy normally and there is no marriage contract. The male MC also joked that if he “hates” he will renew his contract for life. In addition, Tran Thanh wants people not to focus on his and his wife’s private life. This time to speak out is because he cannot be silent about malicious rumors about his private life.

In conclusion, MC Tran Thanh emphasized: “Spend more time with your family. Stop worrying about me and my wife. We are still very happy. Don’t even cause a fight, not even one sentence. Thank you brothers and sisters who are enthusiastic about today. We are fine“.

MC Tran Thanh and Hari Won have had an extremely turbulent 6 years with a lot of rumors about gender and health. The two are still confirmed to be together. While the private life encountered many turbulence, the couple’s career flourished.

The reason why MC Tran Thanh had to publish marriage information with Hari Won after 6 years of marriage - Photo 3.

Tran Thanh confirmed that the marriage was fine.

Tran Thanh is a judge, MC, player of many hot shows such as The Mysterious Person, Who Is He, The Talent Challenge, The Runaway Wait, The Comedian Challenge… and most recently “Vietnamese Super Intelligence” “, “I’m a teenager”. The male MC really makes people overwhelmed by the show’s cost when he constantly hosts new shows. And Hari Won is no less than her husband when she constantly accepts to be MC, judge, player in entertainment gameshows in the South.

Thanks to their hard work, the two currently have assets of more than 1,000 billion VND. When sharing about the property, MC Tran Thanh and his wife both revealed. However, through friends, the audience knows all about the couple’s “sink and float”.

MC Tran Thanh is currently living with his wife in the common house of his parents. But recently, MC Truong Giang suddenly revealed that Tran Thanh has 3 houses in the US. This number is surprising to many people because the cost of buying and receiving documents in the country is not cheap. And yet, Tran Thanh bought a private house in District 1 for up to 20 billion. Because he often has to tour and film in Hanoi, MC Tran Thanh also bought an apartment in the capital. This luxury apartment has an area of ​​​​over 100m2 for 7.5 billion, overlooking West Lake.

In addition to serving travel, MC Tran Thanh spends 4 billion VND to own a white car – the vehicle he now often uses when going to work or to events. In terms of quality of life, Tran Thanh also spends heavily on expensive branded goods to give to his wife Hari Won.

Tran Thanh himself also has a hobby of collecting perfumes of many luxury brands. Once, the male MC posted his collection of more than 200 perfume bottles worth a billion dong, making even his wife Hari Won jealous.

The reason why MC Tran Thanh had to announce his marriage to Hari Won after 6 years of marriage - Photo 4.

MC Tran Thanh and Hari Won have extremely rich lives.

He is also a true brand player when he owns a wardrobe, shoes, accessories full of famous brands. Besides, brooches also belong to Tran Thanh’s hobby of collecting when he is willing to spend more than one hundred million dong to bring back 14 pins.

When he went to the house to play and understood MC Tran Thanh over the years, Truong Giang exclaimed: “Tran Thanh and Hari Won are very rich, the richest in showbiz. Husband earns money, wife earns money… In general, very rich“.

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