The SEA Regional Qualifier of the eSports IeSF WC 2021 officially begins

The eSports World Finals will have 4 competitions including: eFootball PES, CS: GO, Tekken 7 and DOTA 2. In the Southeast Asian qualifiers, the representatives of Vietnam and the representatives of other countries Other players in the region will compete in 03 subjects, CS: GO, Tekken 7 and DOTA 2 to win tickets to the Final Round scheduled to take place in Israel in November 2021. Particularly for eFootball PES, the champion representatives in the National Qualifier in Southeast Asia will be given a special chance to go directly to the Finals.
The Vietnam qualifier for the 2021 IeSF Esports World Championship – IeSF Esports World Championship 2021 will take place from September 14 to October 8, 2021 with the coordination of the Vietnam E-Sports Entertainment Association (VIRESA). , Viettel Communications Company, VTC Multimedia Communications Corporation and some other units.
The SEA Regional Qualifier of the eSports IeSF WC 2021 officially begins - photo 1

After more than 3 weeks of intense competition, the representatives will officially enter the Southeast Asia eSports Qualifier with 03 competitions:

– CS: GO: Team Strength of Friendship (SMTB)

– DOTA 2: Team 496 Gaming

– Tekken 7: athlete Pham Le Minh

Schedule for Southeast Asia qualifiers:

– DOTA 2: September 14 – 17, 2021

– CS: GO subject: 5 – 8.10.2021

– Tekken 7: 5 – 8.10.2021

In particular, Le Ha Anh Tuan, a young player who has excellently surpassed 127 athletes in the National Qualifier, will be the representative of Vietnam to compete in eFootball PES at the World Finals. Qualifying Southeast Asia (Southeast Asia) with the participation of 4 countries are Brunei, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. According to the regulations of the Organizing Committee, Southeast Asia will have 1 place to compete in the Final Round for each subject. In addition, the regions that will participate in this competition include: Europe, Asia, America and Africa.
The SEA regional qualifiers for the eSports IeSF WC 2021 officially begin - photo 2

IeSF Esports World Championship 2021 is an annual tournament organized by the International E-Sports Federation (IeSF). This year’s tournament is the 13th tournament organized by IeSF, attracting 85 registered national members, this is considered a record number during the 13 years of the tournament.

Participating in IeSF WC 2021 is not only an opportunity for teams and athletes to show their skills, compete, and affirm the position of Vietnam’s eSports in the international arena, but also a premise to prepare and find talent search for the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) and Asian Games (ASIAN GAMES 19) to take place in 2022.


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