The “silent heroes” of the graduation exam season: frantically helping when the student has a problem, the skinny person still volunteered to carry the candidate with a broken leg up to the room

Contributing to the success of each contest season cannot fail to mention the image of enthusiastic, energetic volunteers on duty. “Green color” volunteered to cover test scores, ready to support candidates and parents in the fastest possible situations. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, the volunteers’ sweaty coats are always a beautiful image that makes many people teary-eyed.

“You don’t need young people, it’s hard to have young people”, they – young volunteers who are still silently, diligently doing their duty. For them, the happiest thing is to see the students successfully complete the exam, their faces are bright and radiant when they step out of the test site.

Recorded at the exam site of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, the 2022 High School Graduation Exam Season Relay team consists of 30 volunteers, supporting candidates in the 2 days of the 7-7/7 exam. The mission of the volunteer team is to direct traffic, ensure security and order, and support candidates in all emergency situations.

The volunteer team showed up very early, about 1 hour and 30 minutes before the candidate started taking the test to perform the assigned task. Regardless of the sun or rain, they are on duty at the test site to support candidates in the best way.

The team of sunshine and rain welcomed the soldiers, many volunteers fell ill

Ms. Vu Thuy Anh – Secretary of the Youth Union of Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi is the captain of the exam season relay team at the Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. She said that the volunteer team was present very early, listening to the Captain assign specific tasks, performing and responsible for reporting the completed work. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, the volunteer team has a plan to handle it in a timely manner to avoid affecting the psychology of candidates and parents.


Ms. Vu Thuy Anh – Secretary of the Youth Union of Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi is the captain of the relay team for the exam season

Thuy Anh shared: “This test score volunteer consists of 30 members from Trung Hoa ward’s Youth Union, students of Banking Academy, students of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

Volunteers give free water, guide candidates to the exam area, support contact with parents in case candidates forget papers, supplies and tools. In addition, we are also responsible for supporting the security team to direct traffic to avoid congestion at peak hours.

If the weather is hot, we prepare umbrellas to cover the contestants, prepare drinking water to distribute. If it rains, we will bring raincoats, large umbrellas, and small umbrellas to cover the contestants. Volunteers are responsible for covering umbrellas when candidates get off the bus, taking them to the exam gate, making sure they don’t get wet.”


The sudden downpour caused the volunteers to face many difficulties in supporting the contestants


Despite the hard work, the volunteers always had bright smiles


Still have the strength to continue to have an unforgettable youth

Recorded on the afternoon of 7/7, when candidates arrived at the test site, preparing to do math, suddenly heavy rain came. Immediately, the volunteer team wore raincoats and brought umbrellas to pick up the contestants. They make sure students do not get wet, especially keep the exam papers and study tools dry. It was raining harder and harder, the roads were flooded, and volunteers had to separate traffic to avoid congestion at the test site.

Nguyen Duc Hung, a 3rd year student of Banking Academy who supports the students, said: “The heavy rain made us all wet our clothes, shoes and hats. Supporting the contestants was therefore difficult. However, we were always ready to improvise in any unexpected situations. I felt very happy, happy when with friends have practical activities to support candidates”.


Nguyen Duc Hung, 3rd year student at Banking Academy

And Bao Tram – an active volunteer and 11th grader at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted shared: “Candidates began to flock to the test scores when it was raining heavily and the wind was strong. The volunteer team and CATT had to wear raincoats and bring umbrellas for the candidates. It was a bit difficult but we felt excited because we had useful work. Rain or shine is the work of heaven, there is nothing to grieve or lament.”

Many volunteers said that right after the end of the first day of the exam, due to heavy rain, some of them fell ill and showed symptoms such as colds, low fever, hoarseness, headache, etc. , they still tried to be present in the exam on the 2nd day, ensuring to complete the assigned task.


Volunteer Bao Tram and friends support contestants with broken legs

The “difficult” situations make volunteers… go crazy

Nguyen Linh – Deputy Secretary of the Air Force Air Defense Branch (Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi) shared memorable memories in the past 2 days of the exam. Many students forgot their exam papers, calculators, pencils, etc., causing the volunteer team to “flash” along. You have to run to buy things to help, some of you contact parents to bring things to your children.

“The most memorable is a case where a student forgot to bring a calculator into the exam room. Parents found it in time, brought the calculator to the test site and asked for a volunteer to send it in. However, the parents did not remember the exam room, the registration number. children, causing volunteers to ask the support staff for test scores, look up information on the portal, but in the end still could not deliver the items to the candidate. This is an unfortunate case.” Nguyen Linh said.


Nguyen Linh is dividing traffic


Volunteers give strength to contestants


Volunteer to support students’ parents

And The Anh, a final year student at the University of Transport Technology, said that she has had 6 years of participating in the relay team during the exam season. Every year on the mission, I have many unforgettable memories. This year, according to me, the most difficult case is the case where students forget the Geographic Atlat.

Then Anh recounted:With only 10 minutes left for the contestant to enter the exam room, she and 3 other volunteers had to run around the bookstores to find Atlat. Some stores are not open yet, others are out of stock, making us like “sitting on a fire”. Luckily, a local volunteer still had the Atlat, so we went to a friend’s house to pick it up, then bring it to the contestant to borrow it temporarily.”


Volunteer The Anh is currently a final year student at University of Transport Technology

This year, a candidate broke his leg, so the volunteer contacted the Health Department (Amsterdam High School for the Gifted) in advance to borrow a stretcher and wheelchair to take the candidate to the exam room. “Fortunately, this year there was preparation in advance, so everything went smoothly. Like last year when I went to support the test scores, there were 3 students who broke their legs but only 2 wheelchairs, so I had to carry the candidates. up to the exam room,” So Anh said.


The two volunteers are 11th grade students at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted

The volunteers each have a different task, a different job, but they all try their best to complete the task. “There is still strength to continue to have an unforgettable youth”, That’s why you choose to join the Season Relay team to do meaningful things and have more wonderful experiences.

“I think being a volunteer helps me improve many skills, especially communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Therefore, I choose to participate in supporting test scores instead of taking part in exams.” at home using smartphones for entertainment”a female volunteer excitedly shared.

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