The story from ‘good leaves’ in the middle of the epidemic season

The story from the good leaves in the middle of the epidemic season - Photo 1.

An employee of a Bach Hoa Xanh store delivers orders from Saigon To Saigon to households in a hostel in Phuoc Long B ward, Thu Duc city – Photo: VO THUY

In the midst of the epidemic season, people are still carrying each other through difficult days.

Entering the 8th week of operation, thanks to the generosity of benefactors and good leaves, From Saigon To Saigon group has completed more than 250 projects and supported nearly 4,500 households.

Ladies and gentlemen, please!

“Currently we are unemployed, do not have money to buy food and buy milk and diapers for the children. I hope the group and benefactors will help my neighborhood. Thank you” – that’s the news. The message came from a seller of fried fish balls in an isolated alley in Phuoc Long B ward (Thu Duc city).

Three days later, a shipment was brought in, 24 portions of food were delivered to the boarding house right in the middle of the days when Ho Chi Minh City was in the strictest period for “Who is there, stay there”.

It took 2 hours, Nguyen Xuan Quang (23 years old) and Ngo Van Luc (25 years old), two employees of Bach Hoa Xanh store, to deliver 24 bags of goods to a stop.

Mr. Truong Vu Vinh (24 years old) – the seller of fried fish balls sent a message to FTFS and two other people in the same neighborhood – waiting for a motorbike at the gate to help the group move 24 bags of goods and rice inside. boarding house. To get into the village, the motorbikes had to crept into a tiny road full of potholes.

“Everyone in here is mainly Westerners working as street vendors and bricklayers. The ward has provided rice and food support, but now it’s exhausted, so we have to ask for help,” Vinh said while struggling to explain. The bags are divided into parts, each part has a bag of rice and a bag of dry goods including dry noodles, instant noodles, condensed milk, baby milk and even packs of medicine for people in the inn to receive. Particularly, households with small children also receive more fresh milk and powdered milk for children.

This morning, in addition to 24 gifts delivered to Vinh’s inn, the delivery team of Bach Hoa Xanh also delivered more than 20 orders to 3 other motel blocks.

“These days, during the new quarantine period, wards and communes have to go to the market for people, so it’s a great pleasure to be delivered by the shop,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Cam Van, the leader of the From Saigon to Saigon group.

She said that every day the From Saigon To Saigon group receives hundreds of messages needing support. A team of 36 volunteers will work from home, from contacting, verifying and cross-checking information with other charities to support the right people.

“In mid-June, when the volunteer groups were still able to walk, we went to buy goods and delivered them to our places, but then we had to resort to professional stores like Bach Hoa Xanh, Co.op Food. .. You also understand the team’s work and enthusiastically support the orders that FSTS buys for emergency relief.

Normally, when the group sends an order, within 2-3 days, the store will ship to households and most of them do not charge shipping fee”, shared Ms. Cam Van. For 2 months now, every 8 pm Ms. Van will Make a list of cases sent by the verification team and transfer the order to the chain stores.

Thank you “good leaf”

“When I started working, I didn’t think deeply. I am a son of Saigon who wanted to do something for Saigon in the midst of the pandemic. Many other professional organizations have supported people from the On the first day, but in many deep alleys and nooks and crannies, there are still many people who need help and we want to fill those gaps and bring timely sharing to those in need,” shared Ms. Cam Van.

From Saigon to Saigon (roughly translated: From Saigon people to Saigon people) calls the benefactors who come to the group “good leaves”, those who are still lucky to have accumulated, still have food to eat and clothes to wear. epidemic.

“A good leaf” Cam Van touched: “Knowing how to translate is difficult, but I never imagined that many of my relatives would suffer so much. At first, the group also went to find hostels to help. But it was only for a while. In short, the message came rushing in, helping not to keep up. Buying, selling and shipping goods was already very difficult.

There are days when the stores receive orders, but the fund only has 7 million dong in the account, not enough to place an order,” said Van. But the group did not give up, managed to contact everywhere to get more money. support.

Each support part of the group always has a 5kg bag of rice, fish sauce, soy sauce, meat (fish), instant noodles, vegetables, vitamin C, Panadol. For babies, there is more milk powder, diapers…

“When we are in the situation of “don’t know what tomorrow will be and no one has the answer”, the compatriotism shines and is warmer than ever. We receive the cooperation of Vietnamese people everywhere. , from people living in Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, Vietnamese in Japan, USA, Australia…

From young schoolchildren, students, to retired doctors, all are looking towards their relatives, towards Saigon,” Van shared.

Making a “leaf” in the middle of the epidemic season

“I live in Hanoi. Although Hanoi is still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I still feel lucky to have enough relatives and family by my side.” That’s sharing from a lovely “leaf” of FSTS – little girl Tran Mai Khanh, a 5th grader in Hanoi. The girl contributed 10 million VND to support 20 households and 12 children in the blockade areas in Ho Chi Minh City.

Team leader Cam Van shared that the current situation is becoming more and more complicated and the distance orders are one after another.

For the inns in the deep alley, the difficulties are even more surrounded by people because the accessibility to the volunteer groups will be lower, so the cooperation of the “good leaves” is needed more than ever.

People can access the From Saigon To Saigon group on Facebook at to learn and support the group’s activities.

Thank you gift baskets Gift baskets to thank the worker ‘warriors’

TTO – Rain or shine, in the midst of these days, the environmental sanitation workers are still quietly working to keep the city clean and beautiful. During the epidemic season, they are also “warriors” with special tasks: collecting garbage from isolation facilities, treating COVID-19.


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