The story of close friends getting married in the same month, having children in the same year

The same is true of any close friend group, playing together will have contracts, promises, drawing a future together. When he was young, he made an appointment to travel together, when he was an adult, he dreamed of holding a wedding together. Same as in MV Friendship of Ten Thousand People by Hua Kim Tuyen – Juky San and Hoang Dung have a sentence: “The three of us were born in different months and days. We want to get married at the same time and in the same minute.” making anyone who heard it also nodded in delight.

Because the wedding is considered the most important thing in everyone’s life. So, it will be even more wonderful when this special day is made with close friends.

Close friends of nearly 15 years married at the same time, gave birth exactly 2 hours apart

Two years ago, the story of close friends Tran Thi Phuong Thao and Ngo Hoang Cam Nhung once caused a social media storm. Both friends were born in 1996, have known each other since an extra class in 7th grade and have been close until now. Notably, during the time they played together, Phuong Thao and Cam Nhung never once had a significant quarrel or conflict.

The story of close friends getting married in the same month, giving birth in the same year - Photo 1.

Couple of close friends Phuong Thao – Cam Nhung

Together from middle school to adulthood, getting married, the coincidence of this pair of close friends makes many people go from surprise to admiration. Accordingly, Phuong Thao and Cam Nhung are not dating and will hold a wedding on the same day. But I don’t understand why, when the two families go to find a beautiful day to reorganize their minds, choose the same day.

However, because they still want to see their beautiful best friend on the happiest day, one of the girls decided to change the date, only getting married in the same month. Phuong Thao once confided that the day Cam Nhung got married, she did not understand why she cried like rain. Even her family said that Thao was as sad as watching her lover get married.

Even though they coincidentally coincide with the wedding day, the two girls just want to get married in the same month so they can still attend each other’s happy day

After boarding the flower car, Phuong Thao and Cam Nhung were not close to each other, each had a city to live and work in. It’s rare to see each other like that, but the “telepathy” level has not decreased. The story is unbelievable but true, both were pregnant at the same time, until the birth of the baby was only 2 hours apart.

The story of close friends getting married in the same month, giving birth in the same year - Photo 3.

Although we are not together as much as before, we have never stopped “eight” with each other

Most of the most important events in life, Phuong Thao and Cam Nhung have witnessed and performed together. Whatever they do, the couple makes many people comment beyond friendship because the bond is too big. They are like siblings in the family. The husbands of Phuong Thao and Cam Nhung also cherish their wife’s friendship and hope that the children will grow up to have a close relationship, continuing the precious friendship of the two mothers.

From 2 close girls to 2 soulful couples: Married in the same month, born in the same year

Ai Tien and Bao Ngoc are truly passionate friendships that not everyone has. Born in Hue together, the two met each other when they started college. It is often said that relationships just starting out in college are often not durable, but Ai Tien and Bao Ngoc proved the opposite.

Not only that, Ai Tien also took on the role of “mother maid”, successfully paired Bao Ngoc and Hieu Truong – best friends of the opposite sex since she was in middle school. The two best friends after becoming a couple helped each other. A friend named Trung Son fell in love with Ai Tien and became a husband and wife. So around in circles, all 4 people know each other and become friends.

The story of close friends getting married in the same month, giving birth in the same year - Photo 4.

Best friends from university Ai Tien and Bao Ngoc (Photo: Infonet)

The story of close friends getting married in the same month, giving birth in the same year - Photo 5.

2 couples take wedding photos together (Photo: Infonet)

Not only did the wedding photos together, Ai Tien and Bao Ngoc also said that initially a couple planned to get married in March and a couple in July. But then because of many busy jobs, the two accidentally changed the schedule, get married in May.

The happy moment with bright smiles and a series of childish expressions of the two couples makes everyone who looks at them amused. There is nothing more wonderful than when close friends grow up together and accompany each other in every important moment and the road ahead.

The funny wedding photos of close friends make everyone admire (Photo: Infonet)

In 2019, Ai Tien and Bao Ngoc got married. After 1 year, the two welcomed their little angel again. It is known that this pair of close friends is currently one in Ho Chi Minh City, one in the US. Although far from face but not from heart, their friendship is still intact as ever.

Twin sisters hold a party: Friendship of ten thousand people is here!

Called friendship, but not necessarily only those who go to the same class, class, or school to be considered friends. Friendships can come from anywhere, and even as twins, this friendship is more unique than ever.

The story of close friends getting married in the same month, giving birth in the same year - Photo 7.

Twin sisters My and Tho are happy on the “flower car” day (Photo: Nature Studios)

Recently, in Quang Nam, a very special wedding took place. It was the wedding of a pair of twin sisters. They were born on the same day, at the same time and also got on the “flower car” at the same time, on the same day. That is the bride Nguyen Thi My and the bride Nguyen Thi Tho, from Dai Loc, Quang Nam.

Through the photos shared by photographer Ha Vi, it can be seen that the two brides have beautiful and similar beauty that makes it difficult for outsiders to recognize which is the sister and which is the sister. In addition to the lavishly decorated wedding theater like many other weddings, the gate also impresses with the words: “The house has 2 daughters to get married”.

The story of close friends getting married in the same month, giving birth in the same year - Photo 8.

The sign of the girl’s family makes the online community excited

It is known that My – Tho sisters are the youngest in a family of 5 members. As twin sisters, from childhood to adulthood, the two always go to school together, go anywhere like the picture with the ball. Until the university entrance exam, each person passed a new school to study separately. However, the two still live together in Ho Chi Minh City and work here.

They love each other very much, but the US revealed that both sisters also had times when they had quarrels and quarrels. However, now that they are married, they are no longer close to each other, which makes both feel quite sad.

The wedding at the same time, at the same minute of the twin sisters made many people admire (Photo: Nature Studios)

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