The Taliban bans women from entering the Women’s Ministry

The Taliban do not allow female staff members to enter the Women’s Ministry headquarters in the capital Kabul and only allow male staff to work.

“Four women are not allowed inside,” an employee of the agency told Sputnik on September 16.

According to sources familiar with the matter, a group of Afghan women planned to protest near the headquarters of the Ministry of Women to protest the move of the Taliban government. The force has not yet responded to this information.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has vowed to ensure the rights of Muslim women and without discrimination. “Women can work in the medical field and other fields as needed,” Mujahid said.

Afghan women wait in front of a bank in Kabul on September 15.  Photo: AFP.

Afghan women wait in front of a bank in Kabul on September 15. Photo: AFP.

After taking control of the country, the Taliban repeatedly pledged to build a more moderate government than 20 years ago, especially ensuring women’s rights within the framework of Islamic law.

However, many people questioned this commitment when the Taliban built a government without women and imposed regulations such as not allowing women to play sports, not allowing men and women to study and work together.

Taliban Culture Committee official Ahmadullah Wasiq said on September 8 that Islam allows women to go out based on needs such as shopping, but said that “sports are not considered essential needs”.

Ngoc Anh (Thep Sputnik / ANI)


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