The Taliban give reasons why women are not allowed to join the government

The Taliban spokesman said that women are not capable of doing government work, when explaining the new all-male government.

“A woman can’t be a minister, because it’s as if you put a responsibility on her shoulders that can’t be shouldered,” said Taliban spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi in an interview with Tolo News on September 9, referring to the issue. why women are not allowed to join the provisional government.

“It is not necessary to have a woman in the cabinet, they should stay at home to give birth and the women who take to the streets to protest against the new government do not represent all of the women of Afghanistan,” Hashimi added, asserting the Taliban. do not consider women as half of society.

“The four women protesting on the street don’t represent it all. It’s Afghan women who give birth to Afghan children and educate them in Islamic discipline,” he said.

A group of Afghan women demonstrate on the streets of Herat on September 2.  Photo: AFP.

A group of Afghan women demonstrate on the streets of Herat on September 2. Photo: AFP.

The Taliban on September 7 announced a new government led by Mullah Mohammad Hasan Akhund as interim prime minister. The positions of deputy prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister and interior minister in the interim government are also longtime leaders of the force.

Unlike the previous administration of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, the interim government established by the Taliban has no female officials. A group of Afghan women began protesting earlier this month expressing concern that women were not being appointed by the Taliban to leadership positions.

After taking control of the country, the Taliban pledged to build a more moderate government than 20 years ago, especially ensuring women’s rights within the framework of Islamic law. However, many people doubt this commitment and are anxious to leave Afghanistan for fear of draconian regulations.

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