The tragedy of the woman who won the $37 million jackpot

BrotherMargaret Loughrey, who once complained that her $37 million lottery win only brought grief, has died at her home, suspected of suicide.

The body of Margaret Loughrey, 56, was discovered by police at her £25,000 ($172,000) home in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, on September 2.

“An autopsy is underway, but at this stage the death is not being considered suspicious,” police said.

Margaret Loughrey, Northern Ireland's biggest lottery winner.  Photo: Irish Times.

Margaret Loughrey, Northern Ireland’s biggest lottery winner. Photo: Irish Times.

Loughrey became Northern Ireland’s biggest lottery winner in 2013 with 27 million euros ($37 million) after buying a lottery ticket at a local shop where she went to print a job application. Loughrey was unemployed at the time and living on a pension of £58 ($80) a week.

But after hitting the jackpot, Loughrey struggled with mental health problems and was hospitalized four months later under the Mental Health Act. She filed a lawsuit against her placement in a mental hospital and won.

“Money has brought me nothing but grief. It has ruined my life for the past 6 years. I don’t believe in religion, but if there is hell I’m there. Things are so bad.” , Loughrey said in 2019. “There’s no point in having 27 million euros alone.”

Loughrey is not married and has no children. She is described as a quiet woman who has donated extensively to family, friends, neighbors and local charities. At least half of her winnings are said to be used for good.

“I knew her before she won the lottery. She was quite quiet, both before and after winning the lottery. There were contributions to her that people never knew,” said neighbor Paul Gallagher. speak. “Margaret doesn’t stand in front of people to say ‘look at me, see how great I am, give me a check.’ She does it very quietly and behind the scenes.”

In 2015, Loughrey was found guilty of assaulting a taxi driver while intoxicated and had to perform 150 hours of community service.

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