‘The tribe takes up place’ at KFC China: Behind the men who ‘eat leftovers, sleep late’, find ways to reduce the existence in the eyes of people around

Recently, a “free tribe” gathered a lot at the KFC store in the basement of B1 of Metro City shopping center, Tu Gia Hoi area, Shanghai, China, which attracted great attention from the public. in a country of billions of people. According to some netizens, the people of this “tribe” are mostly healthy men in their 30s and 40s (of course there are also some of them who have lost their ability to work), but they do not work. Why just eat leftovers and sleep at KFC. Because “occupying the capital” at KFC all the time, they are also known as the “occupation tribe”.

These men often sit for many hours in the store, when hungry, they will go to rummage through other customers’ leftovers, and when sleepy, they will lean back on the chair to have a good night’s sleep. Many people can’t help but wonder who they are to blatantly occupy such a place?

The tribe takes the place

The tribe occupies a place at KFC China: Men eat leftovers, sleep poorly, find ways to reduce their existence in the eyes of people around - Photo 1.

At about 8 pm on August 23, the reporter went to the KFC store located on the 1st and B1 floors of the Metro City shopping center to learn about this emerging “tribe”. The shop is quite crowded, the seats are up to 2/3 full. In the dining area at basement B1, many people were busy carrying trays of newly-received food to their seats, some others did not order food but brought their own food to put on the table. But attracting the most attention is still the dark-skinned men sitting quietly next to the backpack, it is not difficult to recognize that they are the people of the “occupation tribe”.

People belonging to this “tribe” are usually young or middle-aged men. On their table was nothing but a phone being charged from a store outlet. Some of them just sat there looking at their phones, others looked around, as if searching for something.

A middle-aged man in a blue T-shirt stood restlessly, every now and then he got up and left the long table that is considered the gathering point of the “tribe” to look for leftovers at the surrounding tables. around. This was probably the most energetic of the “tribe” that evening.

The tribe occupies a place at KFC China: The men eat leftovers, sleep poorly, find ways to reduce their existence in the eyes of people around - Photo 2.

In order not to affect KFC customers, the man in the blue shirt stayed at the moment when the customer had just left and the store staff had not yet come to clean up. He quickly rummages through paper bags, shakes his glass of water… in search of leftovers. Within an hour, he had collected from 5 different dining tables. But unfortunately everyone ate their portions fairly cleanly, so all the man in the blue shirt got was half a cup of mixed water.

Near 9pm, customers in and out of KFC are becoming less and less frequent, so it is easy to recognize people from the “occupying tribe”. In general, they all wear short-sleeved clothes, sports shoes, carry backpacks and just sit idle at KFC.

After a while, the man in the blue shirt was lucky to find a rather hearty meal. After the harvest, he returned to join the cell phone surfing group with the people of the same “tribe”, continuing to sit quietly in one place.

Perhaps because of fatigue, some have begun leaning against a table or chair to take a nap. They kept working silently until about 11pm – KFC closed.

The life of people who eat leftovers and sleep late

The tribe occupies a place at KFC China: Men eat leftovers, sleep poorly, find ways to reduce their existence in the eyes of people around - Photo 3.

At the KFC Metro City store, it seems that the “occupation tribe” has found a certain way of life for themselves, because it has a large area, fully air-conditioned, has a place to charge phone batteries and free wifi. Moreover, at normal times, there are also many people who are free to come here to sit idle. Sometimes, people in the “tribe” will use the restroom at KFC to clean their bodies.

In addition to the “occupation tribe”, this store also welcomes many different types of customers, from students to sitting to do homework, young people to business planning tables, tired shopping couples looking for accommodation… KFC Metro City employees treat everyone equally, nor interfere in their own affairs.

“There are about 4-5 people sitting here for a long time, we don’t know what they want anymore.” – An employee of KFC shared. Customers here are no longer strange or surprised to see people from that “occupation tribe”. Most of them don’t feel bothered by them, but are very curious about the reason why they just sit around like that forever.

After a few days of observation, the reporter noticed that the people of the “occupation tribe” hardly had to spend, they just took advantage of the leftovers in the store, gently acting so as not to affect customers. , even trying to do everything to become like a normal diner in order to reduce the existence of the “tribe” in the eyes of everyone.

The people of the “occupation tribe” in KFC Metro City sometimes talk to each other, but in fact their relationship is not close.

The tribe occupies a place at KFC China: The men eat leftovers, sleep well, find ways to reduce their existence in the eyes of people around - Photo 4.

The reporter spoke to a self-introduced uncle from Harbin, who has worked in Shanghai for 5 years. The uncle revealed that he lived by repairing water pipes and installing household appliances. When he’s not working, he often goes to KFC to charge his phone and go online for free.

The uncle lives as frugally as possible: renting a place to sleep for 20 yuan (equivalent to 70.5 thousand VND)/day, food is easy to find in the cafeterias for office workers. Best. The uncle said that he could find a place to sleep online, and the job was done through acquaintances or through an intermediary, but that way he had to pay for a referral, so he couldn’t stand it.

People like the uncle mentioned above often leave KFC before 10pm to catch the public transport back to sleep. But there are still many people in the “occupation tribe” who stay at KFC until 10 p.m., they are the people who live in the sky. And the man in blue that the reporter met the other day was one of them.

This man has neither a home nor a job, and he also disagrees with the uncle’s 20 yuan sleeping place above, because “too many people in one big room, very chaotic”. Every day, he walks all the way and considers it fun, at night, he finds a great place to lie down.

A man from a foreign province belonging to the “occupying tribe” shared that he did not have a stable job because “lost citizenship”. However, when the reporter offered to help him find a way to get a new identity, he repeatedly refused.

Lots of conflicting opinions

The tribe occupies a place at KFC China: The men eat leftovers, sleep well, find ways to reduce their existence in the eyes of people around - Photo 5.

This is not the first time that “tribes occupy the place” attract the attention of the online community in the country of billions of people. Previously, there were also many cases of eating snacks at McDonald’s for many months, or elderly people “making their capital” at Muji or IKEA stores, causing the store to then have to take measures. strong enough to correct.

Faced with these circumstances, Chinese public opinion is also divided into mixed opinions. Some people think that “tribes taking over” will affect the business of shops, others feel that more conditions should be created for difficult situations. Besides, there are also people who think that tolerating the “tribe to occupy” is the humanity of the staff at the stores…

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