The US announced the ‘six spears’ strategy against the Delta variant

The US announced a six-pronged strategy to combat the Delta variant - Photo 1.

US President Joe Biden speaks on the fight against COVID-19 at the White House on September 9 – Photo: AFP

On September 9, US President Joe Biden delivered a speech on a strategy including “six prongs” to prevent the spread of the Delta variant and promote a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program.

“My job as president of the United States is to protect all Americans,” Biden said.

“The unvaccinated people are overloading our hospitals, making emergency rooms and intensive care units (ICUs) crowded. There’s no room for those who are sick,” Biden said. heart disease, pancreatitis or cancer”.

The six-point plan requires private companies with more than 100 employees to ensure that employees are vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 weekly. The measure is estimated to affect 80 million people.

The plan also requires all federal employees and government contractors to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 regularly, and subject to other restrictions such as mandatory mask wearing at Workplace.

About 17 million healthcare workers at facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding from the U.S. Government will also be required to be vaccinated. Exemptions are for religious reasons or for people with disabilities.

To date, about 80 million Americans are still unvaccinated. Research shows they tend to be young, less educated and more likely to be Republicans.

To date, the number of COVID-19 cases in the US has surpassed 40 million cases, while the number of deaths has reached 650,000, the highest in the world. Data compiled by Reuters news agency shows that more than 20,800 people in the US have died from COVID-19 in the past two weeks, an increase of about 67% from the previous two-week period.

Currently, the US is struggling with a wave of infections due to the Delta variant. Meanwhile, US officials are trying to convince Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The high number of infections has raised concerns as children in the country return to school.

The Biden administration’s strategy includes: “6 spikes”: Vaccinate people who have not been vaccinated; Increased protection for unvaccinated people; Keep schools open safely; Increased testing and mask wearing requirements; Protect the economic recovery process; Improve care for people with COVID-19.


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