The US came to the quick rescue of the Afghan pilot

One of the unnamed pilots told the news agency Reuters The first group is arriving in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the move is expected to take place in batches, starting September 12 and ending the next day or so.

The US State Department and Uzbekistan’s ambassador to the United Nations in New York have not commented on the case.

The US launched a quick rescue of the Afghan pilot - Photo 1.

The first group of pilots is arriving in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Photo: Reuters

Associated Reuters had previously reported on tensions at the Uzbekistan camp, with the pilots fearing they would be sent back to Afghanistan and killed by the Taliban. The Taliban have so far said they will not retaliate after taking control of the country since August.

It remains unclear what will happen to the 46 aircraft, including A-29 light attack aircraft and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, flown by pilots to neighboring Uzbekistan by the time the force is on board. The ministry failed and the Taliban came to power.

Current and former US officials told Reuters that the Taliban pressured Uzbekistan to hand over planes and people. John Herbst, a former US ambassador to Uzbekistan, welcomed the US evacuation effort, saying Washington owes it to the Afghan pilots.

The US launched a quick rescue of the Afghan pilot - Photo 2.

US-trained Afghan pilots leave the Uzbekistan camp on September 12. Photo: Reuters

Afghanistan’s new leaders say they will invite veterans to join the security forces and will not harm them. Just before the Taliban took over, American-trained English-speaking pilots became a prime target of the Taliban. Taliban gunmen tracked down and assassinated several pilots.

At the Uzbekistan camp, near the city of Termez, the pilots described feeling like prisoners, with limited mobility and without enough food and medicine. Hope was ignited last week when US officials came to check the biometrics of the Afghans, many of whom fled with only their clothes on.

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