The US capital is alarmed because of the “waterfall” of immigrants

The mayor of the US capital Washington proposed mobilizing the National Guard to deal with illegal immigrants sent by two Republican states.

Muriel Bowser, mayor of the US capital, Washington, said on July 28 that about 4,800 immigrants had been transported to the city by bus. She calls this a “humanitarian crisis,” pushing the city to the brink of tolerance.

According to Mayor Bowser, the capital needs the National Guard to help handle immigration.

The buses, from two Republican-led states, Texas and Arizona, were organized to protest President Joe Biden’s border policies. Officials in the two states that border the southern border say the federal government is incompetent to deal with the crisis.

The situation of undocumented immigrants concentrated on the US-Mexico border is becoming more and more serious.

Unauthorized immigrants were transferred from Texas to Washington in April. Photo: Washington Post.

Unauthorized immigrants were transferred from Texas to Washington in April. Photo: Washington Post.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, one of Biden’s staunchest opponents of border policies, has accepted funding for travel expenses for immigrants to the capital. Most of the immigrants on these trucks were released from federal custody in Texas in April.

Arizona Mayor Doug Ducey said the decision to send immigrants to the capital was necessary because “the federal government has had no action or support” for border states amid the crisis.

Both the leaders of Texas and Arizona have tried to convince Mr. Biden to maintain the immigration policies of former President Donald Trump. The previous policy allowed border police to deport nearly all undocumented immigrants, even if they were pending asylum application.

Texas and Arizona over the past few months have organized more than 150 refugee bus trips to gather at Washington’s Union station, located near the Capitol Hill area where the US Capitol is located.

The White House criticized the southern states’ plan as a “sensational” action and costing the budget. Texas costs about $1,400 for each immigrant sent to Washington, according to Dallas-based KXAS TV.

Governor Ducey countered that Washington was on red alert when it accepted 4,000 immigrants, while Arizona in June alone had to accept more than 43,000. Texas Senator Ted Cruz argued similarly, pointing out that the southern US border is under enormous pressure with more than 3.5 million illegal immigrants.

Mayor Bowser warned that the humanitarian crisis in Washington is “expected to escalate” with the density of vehicles and the number of people pouring into the US capital in recent times.

“Texas and Arizona are determined to maintain their strategy indefinitely. The situation in the city is critical. We view this as a humanitarian crisis. The welfare system is in danger of being overwhelmed if the federal government does not intervene. immediately,” she emphasized.

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