The US formed a group to hunt Russian submarines

The US Navy has created a new group of destroyers to hunt down Russian submarines, to “better defend the country” against threats.

The Greyhound task force will include submarine-hunting destroyers of the Atlantic Fleet, stationed on the east coast of the United States, with the ability to respond to threats in the blink of an eye, Major General Brendan McLane, Commander of the Atlantic Surface Force, said on September 27.

“Our country’s defense strategy has entered a new phase, our main adversaries have deployed and continue to upgrade the range of capabilities that put our country in danger. The Greyhound Task Force extends its superiority. our own by developing our expertise in submarine hunting and using those experts to lead the war on submarine hunting,” said General McLane.

General McLane said that if foreign ships approach the Greyhound task group’s area of ​​​​operations, the group’s two destroyers will be ready to respond. The destroyers USS Thomas Hudner and USS Donald Cook were selected for the group due to their considerable experience in anti-submarine warfare in recent deployments.

The destroyer USS Donald Cook prepares to leave the port of Rota, Spain in March 2020.  Photo: US Navy.

The destroyer USS Donald Cook prepares to leave the port of Rota, Spain in March 2020. Photo: US Navy.

The destroyer USS The Sullivans will take the place of Donald Cook when the ship goes into maintenance. The two battleships USS Cole and USS Gravely are expected to join the group to create a force of four ships, of which two can be ready for duty in a short time.

Brigadier General Brian Davies, deputy commander of the US Navy’s 2nd Fleet, said that the new combat group helps to keep the training of submarine hunting ongoing. The ships and aircraft of the group will focus solely on anti-submarine warfare training for many months in port and at sea.

The US Navy has acknowledged that Russian submarines have been increasingly passing through the Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap (GIUK) in the north Atlantic over the past few years. The US Navy in August 2018 re-established the 2nd Fleet with the task of hunting submarines in the Atlantic Ocean and coordinating with the 6th Fleet stationed in Italy.

The Greyhound task group achieved initial operational capability in September and is expected to reach full operational capacity in June 2022. General Davies said the task force would need to recruit more experts from commands such as the Submarine Warfare Development Center and Carrier Strike Group 4, as well as forces such as submarines, surface ships and the air force.

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