The US government wants to give the 3rd dose vaccine, the health agency has not yet nodded

The US government wants to give the 3rd dose vaccine, the health authorities have not yet nodded - Photo 1.

US President Joe Biden visits a vaccination site in Alexandria, Virginia (USA) in April 2021 – Documentary photo: Reuters

In August, US President Joe Biden announced plans to get an additional shot for adults who had received a second shot at least eight months earlier. The US government pledged to implement it from September 20, but just a week before that milestone, public opinion against this plan arose both inside and outside the administration.

“Headache” Mr. Biden’s

In fact, the implementation of the Biden administration’s stated plan depends on the decision in the coming days by two US public health agencies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. disease control and prevention (CDC). It is possible that the government will have to change the plan, in which it is likely that additional injections will only be given to the elderly and vulnerable groups.

Page Politico said the tension between the CDC and President Biden’s medical team increased because of the additional injection. At multiple meetings over the past month, the White House COVID-19 task force has repeatedly accused the CDC of hiding the data needed to develop an additional injection plan.

The FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee (which is responsible for approving vaccines) met on September 17 to discuss and vote on whether Pfizer vaccine should be given to people 16 years of age and older. Pfizer has submitted new data to the FDA for review. The US CDC (which has the final say on vaccination policy) is scheduled to meet next week.

Professor John P. Moore, a virologist at Weill Cornell Medicine School of Medicine (USA), said the White House has come under political pressure after declaring an additional injection is necessary and the third dose will be given next week. while the management agency has not officially approved.

“Weeks ago, the Biden administration decided the public needed the ‘cake’ and deserved it. Now the public expects the ‘pie.’ They would be very upset if the pie was taken away. now” – said Mr. John P. Moore.

Some have suggested that the White House was “offside” in the injection of the additional shot. The administration has determined a specific timeline for the implementation of the booster and announced plans to apply it to both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, before regulators have had time to evaluate or gather all the necessary data. .

Do you need the 3rd injection?

There is currently no consensus among scientists and relevant units in the US government on the booster injection of the COVID-19 vaccine. Scientists fiercely debate whether additional injections are needed and, if necessary, to whom.

A study published September 15 in the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine seems to support the views of the White House and its senior medical advisers. This study found that people who received the third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in Israel had a lower risk of severe COVID-19 than those who received the third dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. 2 injections.

However, also on September 15 (ie, just 2 days before the meeting, the official vote as mentioned above), the US FDA announced their first assessment of Pfizer’s request for the 3rd injection. The FDA notes that the Delta variant immune response data provided by Pfizer is based on only 20 people. According to the FDA, the COVID-19 vaccines approved in the US today are still effective in preventing severe illness or death.

With that, this week in a magazine article The Lancet, two of the FDA’s top vaccine scientists – Dr. Philip Krause and Dr. Marion Gruber – argue there is no credible evidence that the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing severe disease declines significantly over time. .

The two men had announced they would be leaving the FDA this fall, but their public opposition to the White House’s plan for additional injections took senior FDA officials by surprise.

In August, the World Health Organization (WHO) said current data do not suggest a need for additional injections. WHO has repeatedly called for a delay in vaccination. According to them, the most vulnerable people in the world should receive the full dose of the vaccine, before rich countries get additional injections.

On September 9, John Nkengasong, the top health official of the African Union (AU), said rich countries would be better off sending COVID-19 vaccines to Africa to deal with the pandemic, rather than stockpiling vaccines. please for the 3rd dose.

Countries implementing 3 injection

Statistics from Reuters show that so far, more than 35 countries have injected, planned or considered a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for people such as: Israel, France, Germany, Russia, Greece, Denmark Circuit, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore…

Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna have submitted data for additional injection approval to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). AstraZeneca said it is studying how long the vaccine’s protection lasts and whether a third shot is needed.


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