The US requires officials to get all the shots of the vaccine

The US government requires federal employees to receive two full doses of the Covid-19 vaccine by November 22, amid an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Number of Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths in America A recent surge in Delta strains has made the administration tougher on vaccination requirements, a method President Joe Biden sees as the best way to protect the economy and end the pandemic.

President Joe Biden at the White House on September 9.  Photo: Reuters.

President Joe Biden at the White House on September 9. Photo: Reuters

In guidance to federal agencies posted on its website on September 13, the Biden administration asked agencies to “urgently have staff fully immunized as quickly as possible and no later than November 22.” .

The US, the world’s largest epidemic area, reported 42,279,313 infections and 682,293 deaths from nCoV, an increase of 135,757 and 1,886 cases, respectively, compared to a day earlier.

The world has recorded 226,504,514 nCoV infections and 4,656,741 deaths, an increase of 499,935 and 8,711, respectively, while 201,451,967 people have recovered, according to real-time statistics site Worldometers.

In NetherlandsPrime Minister Mark Rutte said on September 14 that most of the social distancing measures will be lifted from September 25. He expressed his understanding of the impact of social distancing on everyone.

“So I’m very pleased to announce that we can eliminate the social distancing obligation everywhere starting September 25,” the Dutch prime minister announced, adding that people still need to keep their distance. together.

People are still required to wear masks when traveling by public transport and at school, and are advised to work from home if possible. The Dutch government also issued a vaccine green card for people aged 13 and over to enter places such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, museums, indoor and outdoor festivals.

Rutte explained the government’s scientific adviser believes it is necessary to issue a green card to avoid high-risk situations. “This means that in some places you’ll have to prove that you’ve had the vaccine or been infected with nCoV and have immunity, or have had a negative test result in the last 24 hours,” he said.

More than 70% of Dutch people, or 12.6 million people, have had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, while 65% have had two. The government’s medical advisory board said on September 14 that booster shots are not needed for most people because two shots are effective enough. The number of new infections in the Netherlands has decreased to 2,000 cases per day, of which 450 patients are hospitalized.

Still at Singapore, The number of nCoV cases increased rapidly after easing restrictive measures. Singapore’s Ministry of Health announced 837 new infections on September 14, the highest number since August last year. The authorities are conducting extensive testing to trace those who have come into contact with the infected person.

81% of Singapore’s population is fully vaccinated, while 84% have had at least one vaccination. Singapore recorded 73,131 cases and 58 deaths from Covid-19.

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