The US requires the place of birth to be noted in the new model Vietnamese passport

The US Embassy requires visa applicants to have their place of birth in the new Vietnamese passport form before the interview.

“From October 3, all visa applicants with a new passport with a purple cover must have a note on the place of birth before the interview. Applicants must not have a stamp on the passport with a blue cover. Than will not be allowed to interview and must reschedule another appointment,” the US Embassy in Vietnam announced today.

The US Embassy in Vietnam recommends that those who have an appointment for an interview in the near future need to add a passport, but will continue to interview applicants who do not have an uncle in their passport until the end of September 29.

Vietnam passport new model (left, purple cover) and old model (green cover).  Photo: Nguyen Minh.

Vietnam passport new model (left, purple cover) and old model (green cover). Image: Nguyen Minh.

Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and Finland announced in July-August that they will stop issuing visas to the new model of Vietnam passport because it does not show the place of birth of the passport holder. Germany, Spain and Finland then announced the temporary recognition of the new model Vietnam passport, provided that the information about the place of birth is filled in or the place of birth is proven.

Two other European countries including France, a member of the Schengen area, and the UK, which are not part of this bloc, have announced that they will continue to recognize Vietnam’s new model passports.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that officials agreed that the place of birth would be noted in the new passport when the citizen requested it. On August 10, Minister of Public Security To Lam announced that in the long term, the Ministry of Public Security will amend the blue-violet passport form, adding the “place of birth” section to the profile page.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, required information on passports includes passport type, full name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, gender and date passport expiration. The place of birth in the passport is country-specific, not mandatory.

Vu Anh

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