The wandering dog looked like a “monster” surprised with a spectacular makeover after being saved, everyone was shocked beyond recognition.

Recently, South Wales police called on Hope Rescue (Hope), based in Pontyclun, to help after discovering three dogs and a cat in a dangerous condition. The staff of this organization came to the place and took the 4 animals back to Pontyclun. Of the 4 rescued animals, the image of a dog that looks like a “monster” because of its scary appearance is especially noticeable.

Poor Sherlock was infected by fleas, his teeth were badly damaged, he was malnourished and only weighed about 5.6kg. The dog’s body is covered with long, dirty hair. They gather into thick clusters of hair, harden because of long-term dirt. Its head often has to be tilted up to try to see through the overgrown hairs on the top.

The wandering dog looked like a

The staff said it took them nearly 2 days to clean this poor dog. After being trimmed the weight of hair that weighed a few pounds off his body and washed clean, Sherlock has completely transformed from “monster” into an extremely cute dog. Rescuers had just received the Shih Tzu and was about four years old.

The wandering dog looked like a

“It’s hard to tell which breed the dog belongs to with its root-hard coat. It’s so lovely and gentle, although it’s unrecognizable, the animal will look even better when it grows back. hair”, Vanessa Waldron, an employee at the Hope Center said.

The wandering dog looked like a

Sherlock is currently in rehab with two other dogs, a Welsh Hound named Harriet and a Whippet hybrid named Olive. All three are adjusting to life in a new place. “All three dogs will need veterinary care with bills up to £15,000 a month. If you can help Sherlock, Harriet and Olive, please donate and support us.” Vanessa Waldron added.

Source: Wales Online

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