The whole stadium nervously watched the cat hovering in the stands and then freely falling down, the whole incident was extremely heart-stopping.

Recently, the fans present at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, USA, to watch the football match between the two teams of Miami University and Appalachian State University, were shocked to witness the fall. the freedom of a feral cat. Everyone was nervously watching the animal’s every move, from anxiety, fear, and finally bursting with relief.

The whole stadium was heartbroken with the cat’s free fall

Video shared on Twitter at halftime between the two rounds shows a feral cat somehow getting to the upper floor of the stands and for unknown reasons, it fell to the point of hanging. suspended at the edge of the stadium by a foreleg still clinging to the rope. The person standing above tried to reach out to save the cat but could not. All the attention on the field was then focused on the safety of the cat.

Just a few seconds later, the cat lost its grip and fell free to the bottom in the roar of the crowd. Previously, the fan below had prepared the flag to spread out to catch the cat, but unexpectedly it slipped off the flag and fell to the seats below.

At this time, the person holding the camera and the people around him shouted: “No no”. expressed disappointment and they must have assumed that the cat could not have survived the brutal fall. However, just a few seconds later, the crowd turned into a state of emotional breakdown when one person caught the cat and held it high, just like the classic scene in the cartoon The Lion King, to inform the everyone knows the animal is fine. So when it slipped from the 1st flag, the cat fell on the 2nd flag prepared by the fans below, thereby saving its life.

Close-up of a cat saved by a fan

“The cat hovered in the air for a while. At first it clung to the rope with two front limbs, then only one limb left and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, something bad is going to happen’ It was the first kick in my life.” – Craig Cromer, who raised the American flag to support the cat, shared.

After the accident, the cat was taken to safety by the stadium guard. Fortunately nothing happened to it, otherwise the fans would have no mind to continue watching the game.

(Source: The Sun)

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