The woman who took care of her hair for 4 years, 2 times cut 70cm of shiny hair, gave it to cancer patients

4 years of hard work to nourish damaged hair into long, smooth hair

“What have I given myself? Have you contributed anything spiritually to cancer patients?”, that’s the question Ha My (SN 1994, now lives in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak province) asked herself after accidentally reading a cancer patient’s post on a social network. Immediately, she decided to donate the hair that she had worked so hard to give to unfortunate patients suffering from serious diseases.

To have long, smooth, shiny hair to donate is a journey that I try to spend my efforts to restore and nourish. My said, she had done her hair 3-4 times before and often beautified it in ways such as curling, straightening, dyeing,… This made My hair’s condition increasingly weak, dry, and split ends. Once, My hair was seriously damaged by bleaching, the scalp was damaged.

The woman took care of her hair for 4 years, cutting 70cm of shiny hair twice for cancer patients - Photo 1.

My long hair has been nurtured for 4 years by My.

Think of the saying: “The tooth and the hair are the human angle”, 4 years ago, My started to nourish damaged hair. First, she repeatedly cut her hair short to remove damaged hair. After that, My takes care of my hair so that the hair comes out in another, healthier layer. When the hair has recovered, she limits the use of shampoos containing ingredients that cause dryness and damage to the hair, limits beautifying the hair with heat and absolutely does not dye or bleach the hair.

“In 2018, I was pregnant with my first child, from that time I almost didn’t wash my hair with shampoo containing chemicals but instead washed it with locust, which was both cheap and good. My friend bought it and roasted it. dry, then grind it to a medium size, not too fine. Every time I wash my hair, I just put the locust in a filter bag, mix it with warm water, squeeze it hard to get the locust out of the substance, then take that water and mix it with the same amount. Just enough water to wash my hair is fine.While washing, I take the time to soak my hair in locust water for about 5 minutes to make my hair healthy.

At first, people will probably be a little uncomfortable because of the feeling of being greasy. But if you get used to it, you won’t have any problems.

In recent years, sometimes My only curls my hair with a stick without heat.

The woman took care of her hair for 4 years, cutting 70cm of shiny hair twice for cancer patients - Photo 4.

Washing my hair with locust is the secret to beautifying my hair.

I wash my hair with locust twice a week, wash it and let it dry naturally, limiting heat drying. Along with that, I combine incubating hair once a week with butter with chicken eggs or rice residue to make my hair stronger and reduce dryness. Maintaining like this for a while, I see that the hair loss is completely reduced, healthy, shiny, fast and long. In addition, maintaining a balanced diet and rest also plays an important role in maintaining beautiful hair.”, My shares my hair care secrets.

Decided to donate 70cm to cancer patients

When my son was 1 year old, My decided to cut his hair short to his shoulders. The hair cut is 30cm long, My is divided into 2 sections and carefully preserved. After that, the mother-of-one continued on her journey to nourish her hair until recently, her hair reached waist length.

My once thought that this time she would not cut her hair anymore, but would continue to grow and take better care of her hair. But that thought changed when My decided to donate her long, shiny hair to cancer patients.

The woman took care of her hair for 4 years, cutting 70cm of shiny hair twice for cancer patients - Photo 5.

The hair many people dream of

4 hair pieces with a total length of 70cm were donated by My.

A few days ago, My cut 40cm of jet-black, smooth hair and returned to shoulder-length hair. In total, two haircuts, My got 4 long hairs, the young mother carefully tied each one and donate all to cancer patients.

When asked do you feel sorry for your hair? My confided: “Short hair will be long again, if I keep it for a year, the hair will grow back right away, very quickly”. My hopes that my hair will bring spirit and smile to cancer patients, giving them more strength to conquer the disease.

Photo: NVCC

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