The young girl died suddenly at the hands of the ‘flower killer’, the secret buried for 18 years in the basement full of garbage was revealed through the small gesture of her mistress.

In October 2013, in the basement of a farm in Wucheng city, Shandong province, China, people were shocked when they discovered a human skeleton.

Police from the Vu Thanh City Public Security Bureau quickly went to the scene to retrieve the skeleton and conduct preliminary analysis.

The girl was immediately killed by a

In front of the house

After checking, the functional force found that the inner wall of the basement was relatively smooth and complete, with no traces of friction. The basement where the skeleton was found is located in the corner of the yard, the first person to find the skeleton is a construction worker who has just rented here.

Vuong Dien Khanh is a local construction manager, renting this place as a dormitory for his workers, who expected a skeleton to appear in the basement.

According to Vuong Dien Khanh, when he looked at the bottom of the tunnel, he discovered “foreign objects”, then immediately reported to the police.

After 20 minutes, forensic doctors made a preliminary conclusion: “Foreign object” is a human skeleton.

Suicide, murder or accident? All seem to be possible. The number of garbage bags at the bottom of the tunnel is also quite large, is it possible to hide the body? Because this is a seasonal water cellar, police cannot rule out the possibility that someone fell and drowned.

The house has been abandoned for a long time, so if someone accidentally falls down, they cannot call for help. Although it is not certain that this is a homicide, police believe that if it is an accident, it is very unusual.

After a bone grafting session, forensic doctors determined that the deceased was a woman, about 1m58 tall, aged about 25.5 years old. At the same time, dBased on a comprehensive analysis that included the deceased’s clothing and other vestiges, they cautiously inferred that the deceased’s time of death was between 3-20 years.

The girl was immediately killed by a

After in-depth investigation, the police learned that the owner, Chuoc Truong Tuyen, had been away from the village for nearly 10 years. During this time, the landlord’s younger brother temporarily took care of the house for him.

According to the owner’s brother, the cellar was built about 20 years ago, used to store food or rain water.

The owner left the house in 2005, so the victim could have died before or after the owner was gone.

At first glance that cellar was no different from the cellar of neighboring houses, but if the murder happened before the owner left, it would be creepy. How can a dead body lie in the cellar without the owner knowing?

If you commit suicide, jumping into the well is more appropriate than jumping into the cellar. However, even if it’s an accident, this is a residential house, not a deserted place, the owner of the house must know if someone is in the basement or not, let alone when the body is discovered, the body is already dead. dry skeleton.

In addition, the cellar door is very heavy, 1 person cannot move, inside, if you want to close it, there is no support.

However, through the clothes, the police found a very important clue, which is the shirt the victim wore with the logo printed on it. It is the great art. This is a TV program that was greatly loved by the Chinese people in the 1990s, marking a new stage in the reform and opening up process. In addition, the police have also conducted an investigation into young women who have been missing in the surrounding towns for the past 20 years.

The girl was immediately killed by the

Forensic examiner went to the bottom of the cellar to bring up the skeleton

3 years after the owner left, Chuoc Truong Tuyen’s parents died one by one, his wife did not stay, leaving only a son to live in the house.

It is known that Chuoc Truong Tuyen suffered from polio since childhood, limped, his wife was also due to matchmaking and urgent marriage, so basically there was no love.

In 2005, before the owner left home, he had an illicit relationship with a married woman in the village, then was jealous by her husband, so she was so embarrassed that she had to leave.

The owner’s wife is a woman who is mentally and physically not healthy. The wife’s physical features are similar to the skeleton, but that woman was born in 1964, the age is incompatible with the victim.

The landlord’s son, Chuoc Hoanh Sieu, was born in 1985, has a criminal record, and before the skeleton was discovered, he was still in prison.

The police turned their investigation to a woman named Phuong Doanh, who had been missing for nearly 10 years. This is someone who has an illicit relationship with Chuoc Truong Tuyen. After her husband discovered her adultery, she was beaten and because she no longer had a face to look at the village, she also left the country. Her biological mother said that her daughter likes to dress up and is also a fan of the show It is the great art.

The police were almost certain that the person they were looking for was Phuong Doanh. At first, Chuoc Truong Tuyen’s younger brother did not cooperate in revealing his brother’s real address, but then had to give in to the police.

However, Phuong Doanh is still alive, she said that after being exposed to the affair, she ran away with Chuoc Truong Tuyen.

The girl was immediately killed by a

Phuong Doanh also lied at first, dialed Chuoc Truong Tuyen’s phone, then deliberately pressed a missing number, the message was written but did not send, then was noticed by the police, so he had to tell the truth.

Phuong Doanh said that after running away, Chuoc Truong Tuyen sold fruit, while she worked as a housekeeping in a hotel. He treated her very well, all the money he earned was given to her to keep. On the Mid-Autumn Festival of a certain year, Phuong Doanh missed her son very much, and Chuoc Truong Tuyen also had a lot of worries, so the two of them drank together.

After drinking a few glasses of ivory and ivory, the two patchworked lives hugged each other and cried and exchanged secrets in their hearts. At that time, Chuoc Truong Tuyen also drank a little too much and accidentally told him that he had killed someone, the victim was one of his lovers.

Thanks to Phuong Doanh’s testimony, the police had enough reasons to arrest the killer. An hour later, in a hotel, the police arrested the suspect, Chuoc Truong Tuyen.

Chuoc Truong Tuyen confessed that the lover he killed was named Ha Mai Mai.

After knowing the name and identity of the victim, the police immediately conducted an investigation, Ha Mai Mai’s family confirmed that her daughter had disappeared. 18 years ago. At the time of her disappearance, the girl was only 25 years old, about 1.5m tall, with long hair. The police also took a DNA sample of Ha Mai Mai’s family to compare with the DNA of the skeleton at the bottom of the cellar and confirmed that the skeleton was that of Ha Mai Mai.

After 10 hours of taking the bow, Chuoc Truong Tuyen explained the motive for killing his lover. Chuoc Truong Tuyen said that he and Ha Mai Mai met in 1994. At that time, Chuoc Truong Tuyen was sentenced to 3 years in prison, suspended for 4 years because of his involvement in a rape case. Although he did not have to go to prison, if he did not perform well during the probation period, it would be difficult for him to escape the crime.

The girl was immediately killed by the

Ha Mai Mai became Chuoc Truong Tuyen’s lover even though she knew he was married and had a criminal record, because she also had bad motives.

Tragedy happened in early 1995. Chuoc Truong Tuyen was alone at home when he heard Ha Mai Mai knocking on the door very urgently. Being in a sensitive time, if the affair is revealed, he will have to go to jail. So observing that no one was around, Chuoc Truong Tuyen hurriedly pulled Ha Mai Mai into the house.

Just inside, Ha Mai Mai asked her lover for money. In a high mood, Ha Mai Mai offered to buy a tractor for her brother for 3,000 yuan (equivalent to 10.7 million VND). Because he wanted his mistress to be happy, he agreed, but did not expect her to rush to ask for money. He angrily said he didn’t have money and sent her away, Ha Mai Mai went out to scream, scared Chuoc Truong Tuyen, grabbed his hand, strangled him and dragged his mistress into the house to continue squeezing until she died.

After the murder, Chuoc Truong Tuyen panicked and threw Ha Mai Mai’s body into an unused cellar.

It took 18 years since Chuoc Truong Tuyen killed Ha Mai Mai in 1995 for the case to be solved.

On April 2, 2015, the Intermediate People’s Court of Dezhou town, Shandong province, China sentenced to death Zhuo Changquan, suspended his execution for 2 years for intentional murder.

Due to the ambiguous male-female relationship, Chuoc Truong Tuyen eventually wrote a tragic ending for his own life. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness, but there is a rule behind that is, if you cross the line, the outcome can only be tragedy.

Source: Sohu

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