The young man regularly “divided” scholarships with poor patients for 9 years

The boy regularly shared scholarships with poor patients for 9 years - Photo 1.

Ms. Do Thinh Lan (right) respectfully accepts Nghi’s heart for poor patients – Photo: HT

Doan Luc Nghi (24 years old) – a student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City – entered the 6th year of study with a small joy, a scholarship after months of hard study.

Nghi packed the scholarship money in an envelope and went to the social work department of Cho Ray Hospital. In the “room of gratitude” (as many patients call the Social Work Department), Ms. Do Thi Thanh Lan – an employee here – welcomed the student’s heart with a familiar smile, with all her heart. respect and love.

Special philanthropist

Ms. Lan said: “I have worked at the hospital for 10 years now, up to 9 years have directly received Nghi’s heart for poor patients”.

The first time Nghi came to give support money, at that time he was still a 10th grader at Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted. Ms. Lan said that that day, Nghi was wearing a school gym suit and was very thin. Constantly asking where the money came from, Nghi said that the money had just received a scholarship from the school. She choked, tears waiting to overflow before the love of a schoolboy…

Since then, Nghi has regularly brought her scholarship fund twice a year to the Social Work Department of Cho Ray Hospital to help poor patients. Every time Nghi appeared, Lan and the staff in the room were happy, because without asking, they knew that last semester Nghi had made great efforts and had excellent results.

Before leaving the high school, Nghi was praised by the school for high achievement in the national high school exam. After that, he passed the entrance exam to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City with a score of 28.25 (math: 9.25, chemistry: 9 and birth: 10). Lan and her colleagues are happy because they are about to have another good, emotional, and active colleague in social work for poor patients.

During his 6 years as a student, Nghi constantly made efforts to study, bringing “sweet fruits” of his knowledge regularly to difficult patients. Nghi said: “The more I study, the more difficult the knowledge will become, which means that it will be difficult to get a scholarship. But when I think of difficult patients and lack of funding for treatment, it motivates me to try to study and study well,” Nghi said. For me, studying well not only gives me knowledge but also helps poor patients.”

Giving is forever

Nghi’s father is a state employee. Mother is a seamstress. The whole family of 3 lives in a cramped house about 30m2 in District 10. The alley leading to the house is only about 2m wide. Nghi house is located at the end of the alley.

Since childhood, Nghi followed her mother, Mrs. Luc Thi Yen Nga (51 years old), to hospitals to help poor patients. Both mother and daughter have been to many hospitals such as Oncology, People’s Gia Dinh, Children 1, Children 2…

The times he went to that patient, Nghi gradually understood the meaning of giving and began to have a special sensitivity. Suspicion of insight, sympathy and desire to share more, especially sharing with unhappy situations. That is also the image that started to connect Nghi with difficult patients until now.

“Once, when I went to practice in the hospital, I came home late at night, and I saw a father lying on a mat with his child sleeping in the hallway. I stood still. Another time, there was a patient who was an orphan with a serious heart condition who was taken care of by his father. The foster mother in the orphanage took care of the baby and then ran south to north to treat her. I was choked and emotional… I just wanted to contribute a little bit of my strength to help disadvantaged people get more funding for treatment.” Nghi said, behind the glasses are red eyes.

Although he has done a lot of meaningful work, Nghi has never considered it as a great job. “The work I do is very small, just like a grain of sand among many other benevolent hearts,” Nghi said and said that she is trying every day to soon become a solid doctor, which will be the fulcrum of patients.

MSc Le Minh Hien – Head of Social Work Department (Cho Ray Hospital) – shared that among many benefactors, Doan Luc Nghi brought many touching emotions. “Nghia is the youngest philanthropist and has been with the hospital’s volunteer activities for 9 years. We are touched and admired because she has compassion and helps patients with her own learning. “- Mr. Hien expressed.

9 years contributed more than 50 million dong for scholarships

Ms. Do Thi Thanh Lan – Social Work Department (Cho Ray Hospital) – said that in the past 9 years, Nghi had a total of more than 20 times with her scholarship to help patients with a total amount of more than 50 million VND.

Along with the support of many other benefactors, there were poor patients who were able to share their love, have more money for treatment, were discharged from the hospital and returned to their families. In particular, after fortunately receiving the sharing, many patients returned to the role of “giver”. They continue to “divide” their luck with other patients so that humanity is multiplied.


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