The young man was stripped of his clothes and brutally beaten because of his unacceptably sick behavior, public opinion divided into controversy

According to China News, recently a young Chinese man living in southern Malaysia was beaten and tied by people after discovering what was in his phone.

Photos posted on social networks show that this young man was stripped and lying curled up in the corner of the house. Caption of the picture The photo said he had just been beaten up by a group of local people.

Undressed and mercilessly beaten, the young man made MXH have to say he deserved his life because of his extreme despicable behavior - Photo 1.

According to information sourcesn orthodox, this guy committed the act of deceiving others, secretly taking sensitive photos and then extorting money. At the time of his arrest, his phone contained many nude photos of the victims, even a photo of a 5-year-old child.

Immediately, the incident made many people angry and thought that he deserved this ending. However, there is also a part that thinks that this criminal should be brought to the police for trial, but cannot arbitrarily humiliate him like that.

It is known that the Malaysian court has not yet provided the identity of the young man and the specific location of the incident.

Source: China News

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