This slim figure makes many people jealous of the ‘weather girl’ Mai Ngoc

As the most famous and beautiful female MC on VTV, BTV/MC Mai Ngoc is increasingly ranked in terms of beauty. On a recent personal page, she shared a picture of a resort vacation in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.

According to the beauty, these are pictures taken by her husband himself. She humorously said this is also the secret to keeping the family happy.

“The only secret to a happy family: Take good photos. Worthy of 7/7 sports, confidently wear all colors… After having breakfast, my stomach still has a normal groove”wrote Mai Ngoc.

Beautiful pictures of MC Mai Ngoc

In order to keep a slim body, without any excess fat, Mai Ngoc actively practices sports regardless of the weather. She chooses for herself many different forms of exercise such as Gym, Golf, Pilates. The beauty takes advantage of all her free time to consume excess calories.

She once admitted, from a “banh beo” herself, she can confidently jump 1,000 times in 15 minutes, play golf for 5 hours outdoors in the sun and rain.

On her personal page, “weather girl” shares many pictures of going to the gym. Even during the distance, Mai Ngoc still maintains this habit to improve her health.

Because she always keeps a regular exercise rhythm, she does not have a strict diet. Mai Ngoc eats starch in the morning and noon, and focuses on vegetables and meat in the evening. She also does not shy away from sweets and always has a bitter chocolate bar in her bag to stimulate her spirit and regain energy.

Her slim figure makes many people jealous of weather girl Mai Ngoc - Photo 3.

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