Three beach trips near Hanoi cost less than 2 million VND to ‘escape each other’ in 2 weekends

That summer, always in a state of anxiety, restlessness when unable to plan out somewhere. Especially for families with children who are preparing for a difficult university entrance exam, giving away stress and loading “vitamin sea” is extremely necessary.

But not everyone can take a long break to be able to go far, the places near Hanoi below are suitable for that condition. Especially the places above are not crowded like Sam Son, Ha Long, Cat Ba… And the important thing is that the cost is extremely cheap, less than 2 million VND.

Ancient Tea, Mong Cai

“The most lyrical beach in Vietnam” is the nickname that people often call Tra Co beach, probably because of its wide and flat beach, fine white sand, clear blue water throughout the four seasons. Anyone who comes to Tra Co also falls in love with the cool climate here, the quiet, gentle space, with bold wild features by the sand dunes and the typical mangrove ecosystem.

Thanks to the wildness, you can enjoy fresh seafood right on the beach when the fishermen’s boats have just caught. From Hanoi to Tra Co about 300km, the road is beautiful and easy to go, if you like to go “dust”, then travel by motorbike.

In Tra Co, there are two places that you should definitely visit: the first is Con Mang (about 6km away), an ideal place for couples to watch the sunrise or sunset together. The second is Sa Vi cape, the first point in the northeast of the country, standing here, you can zoom your eyes far away, capturing the crescent-shaped beauty of the 17km-long Tra Co coast.

Co To, Quang Ninh

The island is famous for its beautiful and quite unspoiled beaches. The special thing is that at different times, the color of the sea changes. From a distance, Co To sea water has a light blue color, blending with the blue of the sky to create a fresh natural picture.

There are many unique check-in locations in Co To. Photo: @thaoquyetlinh, 922agnyuht.

In recent years, Co To has grown strongly in tourism, so when you come here, you do not need to worry about accommodation and food. Famous tourist attractions in Co To you can visit such as Cau My stone beach, Co To lighthouse, Hong Van beach, Van Chay beach…

Photo: Ly Tran, @8611.cameraeyes

Co To is increasingly developing with a system of motels, hotels and resorts that are very comfortable and comfortable. The total cost for a comfortable 3-day trip is only about 2 million VND/person.

East Beach, Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa Dong Beach, also known as Dong Nghi Son Beach, is located on the peninsula of Nghi Son, Tinh Gia, and Thanh Hoa. This is one of the emerging tourist destinations, there are still not many operators, so it keeps the wild and idyllic beauty of nature.

Photo: @thaoquyetlinh, tranducthang1993.

The climate is cool all year round, the space is green and unspoiled, the casuarina groves whisper, the rocks undulate in front of the waves, the beautiful little huts right on the sand. In the East Beach, the most beautiful is in the early morning and evening, around the North the dawn and sunset are extremely shimmering, which will surely satisfy the “virtual living” needs of many people.

Photo: @manhtienkhoi_, huyenhehe97, linhng12.

This place has not yet developed much tourism, it is still quite wild, there are few places to play, the population is quite sparse, so it is suitable for those who like to relax or families with small children. For those of you nearby can go during the day.

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