Three legendary glaciers in Africa will ‘disappear’ in the next 2 decades?

Speaking to the press, Director of the World Meteorological Organization Petteri Taalas said that 2020 is the hottest year on record in Africa, with a temperature of 0.86 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature in the past year. the past 3 decades. With this situation, the risk that three glaciers in Africa, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Kenya in Kenya and Rwenzoris in Uganda will remain only in people’s imaginations by 2040.

“The world’s glaciers are all melting and if you look at the case in Africa, the three famous glaciers in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda will also be in a similar situation. We are witnessing the disappearance of glaciers and if the global warming trend continues, glaciers in Africa will disappear completely by 2040,” said Petteri Taalas.

It is worth mentioning here that Africa accounts for only about 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but is being heavily impacted by climate change. Much arable land has been eroded while sea encroachment is taking place seriously in many of Africa’s major cities. While this area is also regularly facing floods. Without solutions and international support to help the continent cope with climate change, 118 million poor people in Africa could face frequent droughts, floods and extreme heat. than. Climate change could reduce the continent’s GDP by 3% by mid-century.

“The cost of inaction is accepting a decade of economic decline, insecurity, poverty and increased vulnerability. This is not an outcome we are willing to accept. This shows that we have to act now at a time when we feel the need to act,” said Jean Paul Adam, director of technology, climate change, natural resources at the Federal Economic Commission. United Nations for Africa.

It is estimated that Sub-Saharan Africa alone needs 30 to 50 billion USD or 2-3% of GDP per year to adapt to climate change. In 2020, floods and storms have displaced 1.2 million people here.

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