Three letters are enough to crash Safari browser on iPhone

Theo GizChina, the report says, the problem occurs when the user types some word combinations, such as “bes”, “wal” and even “tar”. There are also other string literals that cause problems, including “wel”, “old”, “sta”, or “pla”. If Google is the default search engine, just type these three letters into the Safari search box on iPhone and the app will close immediately.

Three letters are enough to crash Safari browser on iPhone - Photo 1

The problem occurs if the user uses Google as the default search engine for Safari

After digging deeper, it seems that this problem is related to Google, because it does not occur if the user sets another search engine as the default for Safari.


The reason behind this particular combination causing Safari to crash remains a mystery. Interestingly, some users reported that the error was related to the abbreviations of well-known US retailers such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, for “tar”, “best” and “wal” respectively. In addition, Apple has yet to make an official announcement about the issue. The current problem seems to be mainly concentrated in California and Florida (USA). Therefore, no matter what the main reason is, this error may be on Google’s servers.

At the present time, if facing the same problem, users are recommended to change the default browser or search engine on iPhone to fix the error.

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