Through Tet with F0

Through Tet with F0 - Photo 1.

The consulting group to support F0 Thinh Liet ward is on duty throughout the New Year – Photo: NVCC

“Hello, F0 support consulting team, please listen”. During the New Year, the hotline of the F0 support team received the first call. Patient has a fever of 39 degrees, has symptoms of stuffy nose, cough and fever.

“This year, I hope the epidemic will pass, for everyone to be safe and healthy, for our students to be able to go to school.”


Celebrate New Year’s Eve with…F0

On duty on the hotline, Nguyen Dinh Vinh (22 years old, Capital University) advises patients to take fever-reducing drugs, monitor their health, and encourage and share with patients to overcome the most difficult moments.

Less than 15 minutes later, the hotline continued to ring. The other end of the line is a woman about 40 years old, she reported the good news that she had a negative result after 7 days of home treatment. At both ends of the line, the caller and the consultant were in tears.

“On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, I would like to send my best wishes to the blue shirt soldiers who have been volunteering for the community. Wish you always healthy, family peace, happiness, prosperity and prosperity. everything goes well” – the woman sent her best wishes at the beginning of the new year.

Through Tet with F0 - Photo 3.

The young people in the capital dedicate their youth, doing meaningful work at the beginning of the new year is to advise and support F0 to treat at home – Photo: NVCC

Vinh remembers that every Tet holiday, when spring comes, you will gather with your family to have a reunion dinner, visit both sides of the family. But at the time of the Lunar New Year, when the epidemic broke out in the capital, Vinh volunteered to join the F0 support consulting group of the Youth Union of Thinh Liet ward (Hoang Mai district).

During Tet this year, Vinh is on duty 24/24, both at the mobile medical station of the ward, and the rest of the time, he works on the hotline at home.

“There are cases of F0 that turn severe quickly, our volunteers have to react quickly, try to give maximum support and become a transit bridge between F0 patients and the health system. In the meantime, we need to wait. I continue to encourage my family and advise on how to take care of F0’s health” – Vinh shared.

Joining the F0 support group, Vu Hong Quan (19 years old, Youth Academy) said that each young person had scheduled before Tet, arranged time to respond and support patients. .

Every day, the F0 support and consulting hotline of the ward delegation supports about 100 calls. Quan himself is on duty on all New Year’s Days, publicizing the standing phone number for people to know and call when necessary.

“Before participating in this work, the family also advised us to say that Tet is coming, then we should rest and be with our family. But with our health and youth, we want to contribute and dedicate ourselves to the prevention of the epidemic. COVID-19. At any time, whether it’s New Year’s Eve or the 1st of the Lunar New Year, we are always ready,” – Quan expressed.

Through Tet with F0 - Photo 4.

In Dong Da district, young people are also on duty at the hotline to support F0 24/24 – Photo: NVCC

Oxygen is pumped up, ready to support F0

In the context of the stressful COVID-19 epidemic, in Hoang Mai district, volunteers were divided into teams including: data update team on F0 management software that is responsible for supporting data entry, updating the situation F0 infected people are isolated and treated at home.

The quick response team ensures the supply and distribution of drugs and oxygen cylinders to the patient’s home in necessary conditions. Along with that, young people participated in the fight against the epidemic at mobile medical stations, supporting F0 and F1 to buy necessary necessities.

Tet this year, receiving new tasks in the context of difficulties but also an opportunity for young people to work meaningfully in the new year.

“When we called for support and advice, patient F0 was very happy and touched because they were asked about their health, encouraged and shared. During the Tet holidays, patients really need to share” – Quan confided.

In Dong Da district, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, deputy secretary of the District Youth Union, said that before the Lunar New Year, many oxygen extraction facilities closed, the District Union had synthesized the oxygen demand of F0 patients on the locality and actively contacted the Hanoi Youth Union to apply for additional 53 8-liter oxygen cylinders, 1 40-liter oxygen cylinder and accompanying equipment.

“Right now, the oxygen tanks are pumped up and ready to serve F0 when needed,” said Ms. Tam.

Joining the consulting group to support F0, Mr. Cao Xuan Dung, secretary of the Youth Union of Tho Quan ward (Dong Da district), shared that during Tet, young people will be on duty 24/24, ready to deliver oxygen to the people. when necessary.


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