#TinhBanVanNguoiMe: People are entering a photo show with their best friends, it’s your turn to hate it!

The photo trend then – now probably never stops being hot. However, this time, it’s more special to post photos with close friends to take on the challenge of “Showing You” in the Van Man Me Friendship campaign co-operated by Kenh14.vn with ZaloPay e-wallet.

It’s rarely a challenge to tell the world about your friends, so netizens are joining in quite enthusiastically on both Facebook and Instagram. Just search by hashtags #Tinhbanvannguoime and #Cangchuyencangthan, you will immediately see photos and stories of friendship with many dear feelings that have been shared.

What you need to do is rummage through old photos with your friends, then put them next to your new photos and post them to “show off” for people to see. Regardless of whether it is a picture of a child when he was a child or when he was still sitting in a classroom, the moment of reviewing memories, watching each person’s changes as the years passed and still being together, it was really happy right?

The first posts responding to the challenge were quickly noticed by the interesting and admirable friendship stories!

Although he did not share anything about his friendship, but looking at the two photos of that day – now it is enough to understand how close this pair of close friends is. When I was young, I always stuck together like a picture and a shadow, now I am an adult, I have my own orientation, but I still have gatherings and conversations together. Very admirable.

People always say that it’s hard to make friends at work, everyone has their own goals, so they can’t fit in. That’s someone’s story, but with Viet Trinh, she has happy colleagues. This is together in every event, helping each other through many deadlines and then playing and dancing together. If you go to work and have a fun meeting like this, no one wants to quit!

#TinhBanVanNguoiMe: People are entering a photo show with their best friends, it's your turn to hate it!  - Photo 3.

Friendship is not only the relationships of peers, but also colleagues, teachers and students, and even close feelings between fans and idols. Like Thuy Le’s story, she has been a fan of “bubble princess” Bao Thy since childhood. Now that she is an adult, her relationship with her idol is also getting closer and closer, Thuy Le is still by her side and supporting her idol.

Already in adulthood, sometimes close friends just want to return to their carefree, thoughtless youth, roaming everywhere together. These girls too, invite each other to wear colorful group shirts, braid their hair to hack their age to feel like they are rewinding time. Everyone has a group of like-minded friends like this, they have to show it off right away!

Lan Chi talked about her friendship: “Take advantage of showing off your lover who never married – but is very busy taking “wedding pictures” together. We know each other online, but our feelings are real. We have loved each other since we fell in love. I wish, since renting a house is hard, since 10 thousand dong spent, I think it’s better now. How many times a person’s life has 10 years, so playing together for 10 years is very respectful, can be We don’t see each other often, but when we need it most, we will always be there.”

The most interesting thing about best friends is finding friends with similar personalities, interests and fashion styles. Looking at this excellent pair of best friends is indeed a testament to the saying: Beautiful girls often hang out with each other!

#TinhBanVanNguoiMe: People are entering a photo show with their best friends, it's your turn to hate it!  - Photo 11.

The best friends are here! Studying together since 2009, Du Du and Hieu Hieu have been close friends. The best thing is that now, this best friend has become each other’s life partners. The single guild will surely envy this special friendship!

#TinhBanVanNguoiMe: People are entering a photo show with their best friends, it's your turn to hate it!  - Photo 13.

Visit Kenh14’s Fanpage at facebook.com/K14vn or kenh14.vn to understand the steps to participate in the contest launch content:

– Step 1: Choose a photo from when you started playing and your current photo with your best friend, colleague or group of friends

– Step 2: Post on your personal Facebook/Instagram to make it public with the hashtag #TinhBanVanNguoiMe #CangChuyenCangThan

Be sure to include enough hashtags so your test can be found.

– Step 3: Tag your friends so that your posts have a lot of interaction, receive great gifts from ZaloPay!

Note: If you post photos on Facebook/Instagram, please comment your post link in this post so we don’t lose each other!

The challenge will take place from July 6, 2022 – 0:00 on July 21, 2022. Anyone can join to save meaningful moments with friends. In addition, the gifts are attractive enough for friends to “hang out” for hours or go here and there. The structure of the solution is as follows:

– 2 Good Friends prizes – worth 5,000,000 VND

– 2 Good Friends prizes – worth 3,000,000 VND

– 2 beautiful friends prizes – worth 2,000,000 VND

– 100 Happy Friends prizes – worth 200,000 VND

Read more specifics about the challenge here!

Thousand Peoples Friendship – Campaign to celebrate Friendship Month 2022 launched by Channel14 with the companionship of ZaloPay. With content routes and special activities, participating in Friendship of Ten Thousand Peoples is an opportunity for us to together “show off” our genuine friendship with lovely moments, memorable memories, to see the friendship. Ours is always beautiful, wonderful and proud.

ZaloPay with the message “Transfer money Zalo, The more you transfer, the closer you are, worthy of national friends” firmly believe that, behind each money transfer message in the chat frame is a lot of affection and respect from friends, relationships a relationship we hold dear.

Let’s join Channel14 and ZaloPay to participate in the Friendship Thousand Peoples campaign and don’t forget to include hashtags so we can find each other, friends!

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