To avoid making mistakes when applying for university admission, candidates should note the following:

To avoid making mistakes when applying for university admission, candidates should note the following - Photo 1.

On August 15, the Ministry of Education and Training (GDĐT) issued Official Letter No. 3883/BGDĐT-GDDH on the implementation of university enrollment; College enrollment in Early Childhood Education in 2022 to universities, academies, universities, officer schools with university-level training, colleges enrolling students in Early Childhood Education (collectively referred to as “Early Childhood Education” colleges). CSDT) and Departments of Education and Training.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education and Training requires the training institutions and the Departments of Education and Training to strictly implement the current enrollment regulations, the guiding documents of the Ministry of Education and Training and the contents of this document.

Do not wait until the deadline to apply for admission and pay the fee

Specifically, the Departments of Education and Training strengthen communication, advice and remind candidates to know and properly implement the enrollment plan in 2022, to avoid confusion and errors that will lose the opportunity for admission.

All candidates applying for admission in 2022 must register their wishes for admission on the General Admission Support System of the Ministry of Education and Training (except for candidates who are directly admitted according to Article 8 of the Regulations if their admission is confirmed. learning on the System).

After 5:00 p.m. on August 20, 2022, the system will automatically lock the registration function to move to the next processes.

Candidates must complete the registration process properly, complete the registration process, adjust their wishes for online registration, then log out of the System and log back in to check the results of registration and adjustment. After applying for registration, students can continue to adjust their wishes (within the specified time) unlimited number of times.

In particular, candidates pay special attention to the deadlines to avoid technical risks, if any: Register and adjust your admissions requirements before the deadline at 5:00 p.m. on August 20, 2022. From August 21 to 5:00 p.m. on August 28, 2022, pay the admission fee for those who wish to use the results of the high school graduation exam to apply for admission (for the aspirants by other methods of admission, Candidates must comply with the regulations of the CSDT). Before 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2022, all successful candidates must confirm their admission online on the System.

The training institution is absolutely not allowed to adjust the official enrollment list

The training institutions review the enrollment scheme, enrollment registration information. Upgrading recruitment software; training; practice the functions of enrollment software in 2022. Implement the official admissions process, process admissions requests (virtual filtering). Confirm admission and organize admission for candidates and handle complaints.

In which, the CSDT only organizes enrollment for industries that meet the prescribed conditions, for industries that are forced to stop enrolling, it is necessary to publicly announce it on the website of the training institution, adjust the enrollment scheme and notify candidates to promptly adjust to other disciplines and training institutions.

In case it is necessary to adjust and supplement the content of the project, it must comply with the regulations, instructions and the adjustment does not affect the interests of the candidates who have registered for the training program.

The training institutions urgently review the list of candidates who are eligible for admission, if the candidates have not registered on the System or have not yet registered and submitted the application for admission at the CSDT but registered on the System, or can register. If the registration is not correct with the information of the industry that is eligible for admission (wrong ID card, recruitment industry code, admission method code, admission combination code…) sign or to correct mistakes and re-register your wishes.

The training institutions organize early admission and publish the list of eligible candidates (except for graduation requirements) that must be uploaded to the System to process their aspirations if the candidates have registered their wishes for admission (regardless of whether they have applied for admission). in which order is the candidate registered); must not stipulate or require candidates to register their wish 1 on the System to be admitted; absolutely not re-examination (increase or decrease the level of matriculation score) to remove or increase candidates.

To avoid making mistakes when applying for university admission, candidates should note the following - Photo 3.

In 2022, the Ministry of Education and Training will continue to provide technical support to training institutions in terms of: enrollment information on the Admissions Portal, student aspiration statistics, high school results scores, admissions software, etc. help the training institutions conduct enrollment smoothly. However, the application processing system only has the task of filtering out candidates who have been selected with higher aspirations to other institutions from the list of expected candidates sent to the system by the CSDT. adjust the criteria and benchmarks that the training institution has determined; The system does not consider recruitment for the training institutions.

The training institutions are autonomous in the enrollment work and must be responsible for determining the quotas and determining the points of admission into the training disciplines/groups of the training institutions. If the training agency determines that the expected list of successful candidates is not close to the reality, leading to the recruitment exceeding the registered quota, the training institution and relevant individuals are fully responsible and will be handled according to Article 27 of the current Admission Regulations. onion. Candidates who do not meet the criteria in the first round can continue to consider additional rounds.

In particular, the training institutions must thoroughly comply with and uniformly implement the regulations: The list of officially admitted candidates to the training institution is the list of candidates sent back to the training institution by the admissions application system (on the basis of the list of candidates who have been admitted to the training institution). The list of candidates expected to be matriculated is uploaded to the System by the training institution) after the final virtual screening on September 15, 2022, the training institutions are absolutely not allowed to adjust this official list of candidates.

In order for the list of successful candidates to be close to the defined enrollment quota, the Ministry of Education and Training requires the training institutions and groups of training institutions to arrange staff with experience in statistics, data analysis, and processing. information management… about enrollment to control the ratio of virtual candidates suitable for each training institution, each training discipline/group and the enrollment process. Currently, a number of training institutions have voluntarily formed a selection group for the Northern region and the selection group for the Southern region. Teams need to agree on mutual support in recruitment and virtual screening. The training institutions should pay attention to calculate the adjustment of the expected scores, the list of candidates expected to be admitted after each virtual filter in the group and the nationwide virtual filter to ensure the list of candidates officially enrolled in the training program after the first time. Finally, the nationwide virtual filter (September 15, 2022) is close to the enrollment target of the CSDT.

Candidates are not required to confirm admission or enroll before September 16, 2022

The CSDT cannot ask candidates to confirm their admission or enroll before September 16, 2022 and must not end their admission confirmation or end their enrollment before 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2022.

The training institution must fulfill its commitments to candidates; advise, support and resolve complaints, protect the legitimate interests of candidates in the case of risks announced in the enrollment scheme according to regulations. Coordinating with the relevant training institutions to deal with complaints, complaints and denunciations related to the recruitment examination of the training institutions in accordance with the law.

In the course of implementation, if there are any difficulties or problems, the units are requested to promptly report to the Ministry of Education and Training (via the Department of Higher Education) at the following phone numbers: 024.32181385; 024.32181386; 024.32293009; 024.38692392; email: [email protected] for answers and instructions.

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